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Anσnymσus Posts Allowed / Re: Is It A Sin To Have A Bank Account?
« Last post by Bonaventure on Today at 09:44:12 AM »
So in any financial collapse, panic, crisis, etc. unless you're one of the first ones to run to the bank, stand in line, etc. you're basically out of luck. All your money is gone.

While this was undoubtedly true a la the run on the Building & Loan of It's a Wonder Life, I'm not so sure that that paradigm exists anymore.  We live in essentially a near cashless (physical cash, that is) society the way it is, so what would be the purpose for a 'run on the bank' nowadays?  I bet most, if not a super majority, of bank account holders wouldn't even think of trying to withdraw their deposits.  But I could be wrong, of course.  The way I see it, I think the real trust in banks nowadays is directly tied to the account holder's ability to move digital money to pay one's bills, etc.; if that ability were to ever falter, then I could see some real panic going on. 
Fighting Errors in the Modern World / Re: Recycling Barbie dolls
« Last post by Kazimierz on Today at 09:30:44 AM »
I finally dug out my DVD of The Graduate (actually I got it from Poland, title Absolwent, means the same thing, and "w" is "v" in Polish), and this scene actually captures the blond WASP monotonous chiseled physiognomies better than the shower room scene does.  Life-sized Ken dolls.

Time was, you could snap up classic American movies in Poland for a dollar or two a pop, only catch is, you have to have a multisystem unit and video conversion equipment, both of which I have.  Otherwise you put them in the DVD player and you just get an error message.  Being able to read the menus in Polish helps too.  (You can usually remove the Polish dubbing and/or subtitles and watch the film in English.  O Brother, Where Art Thou? was an exception, I couldn't bypass the translation, obviously they meant for it to be watched only by Polish-speakers.)
O Brother where art thou in Polish…..
Polish southern accents would be weird on the ear…..although I have spoken so myself!
I am surprised they have not tried to make eco friendly Barbies….recycled hemp that has passed through bovine guts….. that would be the SJW Barbie. ;)
Peggy Hall is one hard working lady.  They paused the digital passports in Orange County and she is now organizing groups all over California to fight the digital passports at their city council meetings and has information adaptable to other states as well specifically for fighting the digital passports coming your way.

As she says in the first video, it's successful no matter what if the people make contacts and organize to start preparing for what's coming.  Like I said in another thread we need pockets of resistance.  She has also spoken about the need to network with your local poultry or pig farmer and others at your farmers market etc.  

Part 1

Part 2
Anσnymσus Posts Allowed / Re: Is It A Sin To Have A Bank Account?
« Last post by Matthew on Today at 08:46:08 AM »
It is best for your OWN sake not to keep a large amount of money in the bank. Better to keep it in physical gold, silver, or cash "under your mattress" so you won't suffer in any bank runs. Your digi-dollars could disappear at any time.

Just know this, which is beyond debate: The banks don't have enough cash on hand to "cash out" even 10% of the deposits people have made into their accounts. So in any financial collapse, panic, crisis, etc. unless you're one of the first ones to run to the bank, stand in line, etc. you're basically out of luck. All your money is gone.

Or, even more likely, the bank would immediately put limits of $2,500 per person, to be more fair. And by the time you can pull all your money out (painfully slowly), it will be worthless due to hyperinflation.

It's up to you. It's your money. Whatever you do, there is SOME risk. To me, the banks are an unacceptable risk.
Politics and World Leaders / Re: My Middle Finger to Usurper Bıdɛn
« Last post by Ladislaus on Today at 08:23:13 AM »
So Fauci just did an interview where he says that, being jabbed himself (with saline no doubt), he has no fear whatsoever of being in contact the with unmaked unναccιnαted ... because these jabs are just so darn effective.

So, then, if everyone who wants it can get the vax and the vaxxed have nothing to fear from the unvaxxed ... what then is the reason for forcing the unναccιnαted to wear masks.  Evidently they are putting only themselves at risk.

That's always been my issue with forced vaccinations.  If you have nothing to fear, then what business is it of yours whether or not someone else has been ναccιnαted?
Health and Nutrition / Re: Unvaxxed are healthier in every way
« Last post by Viva Cristo Rey on Today at 07:35:12 AM »
Many babies and children haves died immediately after getting shots.  

People with less shots or even doctor visits are the ones who lived to about 100.
Health and Nutrition / Unvaxxed are healthier in every way
« Last post by Matthew on Today at 07:07:07 AM »
ναccιnєs are diminishing our biological vigor and have been from the instant we emerged from our mothers.

The proof is simple:

Some shrewd parents have saved their kids from these poisons, and these kids are superior to the vaxxed (as children and adults) in every comparison ever done.
Happy Birthday / Happy Birthday BMURMAN
« Last post by Admin on Today at 07:00:05 AM »
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear BMURMAN,
Happy birthday to you!
I'm not sure "convert" is the right word here --- he is a Catholic, you are a Catholic, he just has some strange ideas about the nature of the Church in the present day, obviously fueled by the Dimonds.  

In all of this, I don't think any of us are "written out of the Church", we just come to different conclusions, whether reluctant Summorum pontificum adherents, SSPX, sedevacantists, home-aloners, Dimond adherents, or even if we've run off and followed "Pope Michael", or in the other direction, I would submit, those entirely doctrinally orthodox "conservative Novus Ordo" who think it is their bounden duty, binding under pain of mortal sin, to defend the Novus Ordo, Vatican II, and Francis and his bishops, to the moon and back.  None of these people want to "go against the Church", they just have different ideas as to what that means and entails.

I would say just to point out his errors to him, make allowance for his disabilities, invoke the Holy Ghost, and let it go.

Good advice.
Be a good example, try to talk sense, but you're going to need to pray for him. Can't leave that out.
Politics and World Leaders / Re: My Middle Finger to Usurper Bıdɛn
« Last post by Matthew on Today at 05:17:16 AM »
The president delivered his remarks in the Rose Garden and joined Vice President Kamala hαɾɾιs in leaving the podium, both fully ναccιnαted and unmasked.
Fully ναccιnαted? Sure they were.
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