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Politics and World Leaders / These are the least independent states in the US
« Last post by epiphany on Yesterday at 10:18:41 PM »

  • Kentucky was followed by Louisiana, Mississippi, Alaska, and South Carolina, respectively.

  • In comparison, Utah, Colorado, and Massachusetts ranked among the top five most independent states.

  • The rankings are based on consumer finances and reliance on the federal government, among other metrics. 


Health and Nutrition / Re: Post-vaxx fertility
« Last post by Nadir on Yesterday at 10:14:30 PM »
My pleasure AMDGJMJ.

For those who didn’t look into the links (I admit I didn’t) this one is horrifying
During the first trimester,
82% Pregnant Women Getting COVID Vaccine have Miscarriages – More than the Abortion Pill

Fighting Errors in the Modern World / Lebanon joins Pride Month crackdown
« Last post by epiphany on Yesterday at 10:13:53 PM »
June, global Pride Month, has seen several Arab nations launch campaigns specifically seeking to find and quash any support for the LGBTQ community. Lebanon was the latest nation to join the crackdown, with Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi issuing a letter a week ago to Lebanese security forces ordering them to break up any events that "promote" ɧoɱosɛҳųαƖity.

The letter, labelled "very urgent," said that "after the spread of calls on social media to organize parties and events promoting ɧoɱosɛҳųαƖity in Lebanon… and considering the negative consequences brought by this phenomenon on individuals and society" police and security forces should "take the necessary measures to ban any celebrations, meetings or gatherings aiming to promote this phenomenon and to report the results back."

I was going to post an image of a dog shock collar in response to the OP vid...but when I searched, some of the images that came up were sadomasochists wearing them. :facepalm: What a world.
Funny Stuff for Catholics / Re: Funny Stuff
« Last post by epiphany on Yesterday at 08:54:05 PM »
Funny Stuff for Catholics / Re: Unfunny Stuff
« Last post by epiphany on Yesterday at 08:53:36 PM »
Funny Stuff for Catholics / Re: Funny Stuff
« Last post by epiphany on Yesterday at 08:52:52 PM »
Crisis in the Church / Re: Holy Year or Homo Year?
« Last post by Minnesota on Yesterday at 08:52:34 PM »
Unholy Year: Vatican's Rainbow Coalition Strikes Again

The Vatican released June 28 the logo for the Holy Year 2025. It shows a row of four stylised persons walking up to a stylised cross/anchor.

Users on and other social media noticed that the four figures are depicted in rainbow colours suggesting homosex ideology,

• “Why can't they go with something that looks nice instead of this weird clip art from the 70's?”

• “Hideous. If only the Vatican had some sort of artistic tradition to draw upon!”

• “Looks like the LGBTQ population ‘carrying the cross’ while simultaneously anchoring themselves out at sea.”

• “Is this a gαy Pride logo?”

• “It looks like a rainbow parade conga line”

• “Did father Jimmy Martin design this one?”

Somebody who saw the Latin version of the logo commented, "Cur posuérunt linguam Latínam in hāc imágine? Ne unum quidem verbum Latíne dicunt in Missā Novi Órdinis. Quam ob rem hic?” [Why did they put Latin on the logo? They don’t say even a single word in Latin in the Novus Ordo Mass. For what reason did they here?]


You can't blame people for the rampant anti-Catholicism in the world. If this is what they see as the Catholic Church, anyone would hate it. In today's time, I cannot see why anyone would convert to the diocesan Church.
Funny Stuff for Catholics / Re: Funny Stuff
« Last post by epiphany on Yesterday at 08:52:24 PM »
General Discussion / Re: Introduce yourself!
« Last post by AMDGJMJ on Yesterday at 08:52:05 PM »
Sorry the last link wouldn't attach when I tried to fix it in my last post.  Here is the last one on the Dogmatic Decrees of Vatican I, Trent, Immaculate Conception and the Syllabus of Errors:
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