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Recently heard that the rank & file SSPX priests are condoning and welcoming of Bp. Schneider.

What pathetic neo-trad-theater.

Funny, that now, 

+W is the sole leader of the SSPX Resistance and we're still "waiting & seeing"  

Fighting Errors in the Modern World / Re: Nazi Ideology
« Last post by JPaul on Today at 07:43:09 PM »
It has never been possible to weed out the subversives from the few "good" Jews who weren't subversives. The Church had to deal with them as a whole people. Perhaps if Germany was not in the middle of a Jewish inspired war they could have dealt with Jews in a more individual manner, and the greater number of Jews were more loyal to their racial brethren than they were to Germany. As stated, the loyal Jews were already in the service of Germany against the bolshevik menace.
SSPX Resistance News / Re: Juan Cardinal Torquemada Vindicates R&R
« Last post by JPaul on Today at 07:35:05 PM »
Effectively, you have just insulted 2V by implying calling her a woman is rude.
She knows what I meant.
SSPX Resistance News / Re: Juan Cardinal Torquemada Vindicates R&R
« Last post by JPaul on Today at 07:33:48 PM »
Very manly/unfeminine.
What's more repulsive than a combative woman?
Sean, please cease sporting your manly superiority over a woman. it is unbecoming of a Catholic gentleman.
JIf wait and see has been the attitude of sspx since the Archbishop’s declaration, then isn’t it reasonable to conclude that ABL himself helped foster that attitude. In fact, he may have been its architect. So then, why jump all over the neo-sspx under the direction of Fellay & Co.? They were only continuing the legacy left by their founder.o

I know that many sspxers claim that ABL learned his lesson after the 1988 Protocol debacle.  If so, I would have to entertain the thought that the organization's founder came a little bit late to the dance.  Why would it be unreasonable to think in this way?
The Archbishop's response was an understandable position in the beginning when no one new exactly what was going to happen and how far the conciliar traitors would take things, however, he maintained the same position until his death, quite a few decades from the beginning of the revolution, and from 1988. he should have known where things were going, when John Paul II excommunicated him while using a heretical definition of Tradition in the act, as a justification. He could have been confronted right there in 1988 for using this conciliar definition which contradicted both Vatican I and The Council of Trent.  A clear point of doctrine was not defended and the society and Tradition suffered for many years.
And no you can not fault +Fellay for adopting the same attitude of waiting for Tradition to return to Rome in accordance with the founder.
Bishop Williamson also say that we must wait for God to return Tradition to the Church, and their it is.

The Society now say that it can wait inside of the conciliar structure for such a return to happen, while
+W still waits in the ante room.

What a mess!
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Tonite Feast of Assumption Mass
« Last post by JezusDeKoning on Today at 06:40:09 PM »
Trying to get traditional Catholics to stop thinking about the Grand Jury Report?
This is a parish in Berlin, New Jersey. Philadelphia is across the river and it's where they do this annually, anyway.
Us Can Legally Propagandize it's Citizens:

Anonymous Posts Allowed / Who Created God?
« Last post by Anonymous on Today at 06:37:42 PM »
What to say to an Atheist when they ask 
Who Created God?
He always was, is the answer.
How to answer with the hope of giving them something to consider left me thinking for several days, before I came up with this: 

He always was;  boggled my mind, however when we consider that God has not ever existed in what we know as “Time,” because in fact, God caused “Time.” He brought it into existence before doing so, “Time” did not exist.
Time is described by words such as movement, change, motion.
Outside of “Time” is deathlessness, infiniteness, perpetuity.

Since we living humans have only experienced living in “Time,” it is difficult or impossible for most of us even to imagine living without “Time” when considering that God always was it seems like a fairy tale. When He created “Time” that was THE BEGINNING! God had to exist to cause this rhythm a cycle of rotation (movement). He existed before that period outside of “Time.” He existed in timelessness, infiniteness where there was NO BEGINNING; therefore HE ALWAYS WAS!

I am not a scientist just an everyday person of faith who was inspired to write this post after reading what an atheist had to say about God, who always was. On thinking through the eyes of an atheist, it takes more faith on their part to deny God than to believe in God when one considers the wonders of the world.

Of course, now that God has created “Time” the Catholic way is to believe not only does He live in eternity, but He dwells with us in Time and Eternity.
Anyone here who can add or think of a better way to answer would be appreciated. 
If SJ is responding in any way to my last post, then I fail to see how his remarks have anything to do with a possible wait and see attitude from the earliest days of the Society, and the possible contributions made by ABL to that attitude.
Maybe SJ is reacting to some remarks made by others earlier in the thread.  But I can't imagine which ones they may have been.
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