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Good long-form podcast laying out the globalist agenda going forward from the mouth of the perps themselves. A lot of good info to dig here, leave it on for a car ride/work and you're going to glean a lot. There is so much to parse in this, it's very dense.

It's likely we're going to see more Rockefeller shell corporations like the "Commons Project" push individual city passports and this also shows why the current apps only test for one vaccine... COVID, because it's going to be a chimeric vaccine with all vaccines. Note also how they call these vaccines platforms.

Maybe the most important takeaway: The only real reason it wasn't mandated this year is because of supply side issues, this year Moderna alone is looking to have 2-3bn doses in a 6mo timeframe, worth thinking about.
Is he actually a miaphysite? I'm seeing some conflicting stuff on this so if I'm wrong please correct me on this. Either way this is just another day, another full-out assault on EENS :sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep:
epiphany, what nun were you referring to?  I think that the nun that came a few years ago was young.

From the video description: 

Protesters scuffled with police as the officers held off attempts to enter Bulgaria’s parliament building in Sofia on Tuesday during a demonstration against COVID-19 measures in the country.

The demonstration, organized by the nationalist Revival parliamentary group, demanded the country’s COVID-19 “green certificate” requirement – certifying that a person has a high antibody count – be dropped, NOVA reported.

An estimated 1,000 people took part in the rally that turned into a clash with police, Radio Free Europe reported.


This website? They also have a contact form on it. Did you try it?
Probably the best course of action.
It feels like a very dodgy poll, with responses meant to impugn the other side. I don't trust a lot of media and the polls either, it is made to intentionally divide people.
That is it!
I was just pointing out the danger of associating

More suffering = better, higher, morally superior

Because then those things I listed would all be saintly and virtuous, but they are not.

Suffering only has value for heaven because it causes us to increase our love of God, the virtue of charity (God-like love). But there are limits to what ways we can pursue more suffering -- that was my point.

If suffering were simpliciter good for its own sake, then any means of procuring more of it would be the higher path.

Agere contra (working against your natural inclinations) is only good sometimes. I am inclined to maintain familial and marital harmony. My lower nature indeed wants this, but -- believe it or not -- God wants this for me as well. Sometimes what I want, and what God wants for me (1st choice) are the same thing! Not always, but sometimes.
I suppose the dividing line here would be something like:

Suffering caused by your own sin is a temporal punishment that isn't gaining you any merit. It would be better if you had not committed the sin in the first place, because sin is bad, and that is why you must suffer. 

Suffering caused by standing up for a moral cause is not a punishment. It is pleasing to God and also meritorious. 

There is also suffering that just happens in the world as a result of sin, even to people who haven't "earned" it. This is not in its own right a good thing, but if you accept it with humility it can also be meritorious. God's permissive will allows for this. 

Being thrown in a camp by random chance would fall in the third category (random suffering as a result of sin). Being thrown in a camp because you refused to denounce God would be the second (suffering for a moral cause). Finally, being thrown in a camp because you kept money overpaid to you would likely be the first category (suffering caused by personal sin), unless maybe it instead counted as random suffering? 

This is actually a really interesting topic so it would be interesting to hear if you guys think this formulation is correct or not. 
Funny Stuff for Catholics / Re: Funny Stuff
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They are looking a bit like Tarzan and Jane.
I don't know, if he loses the beard he might look like Jane...
Art and Literature for Catholics / Re: New Years and LOTR on 4 K
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See the source image

This is, I believe, the projected cast for the series

It ruins the immersion IMO.
Funny Stuff for Catholics / Re: Funny Stuff
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They are looking a bit like Tarzan and Jane.
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