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Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Do we become like angels when we die?
« Last post by Neil Obstat on Today at 01:27:53 AM »
And on Cathinfo, 160 will be saved. That's bleak.
Does making a lot of posts with lots of up-thumbs make any difference?
Or do downthumbs count toward Purgatory?
The only time nutrition or hydration could be omitted is if it does not produce a sustainable benefit to the person or might even endanger them or make the condition worse.  IE: if a person is not able to digest or assimilate feedings via tube and becomes distended/ vomiting/ aspiration/chronic diarrhea.
IV fluids are usually tolerated well depending on the rate given- but if it would cause congestive heart failure/ pulmonary edema, any extra fluid might exacerbate the condition (mind you, this is a patient NOT responding to diuretics to begin with, and the assumption at this point is that death is imminent)

Be that as it may, dehydration is a painful and horrible death, and it happens all of the time in the name of palliative "compassion". To me there is no reason for a person to dehydrate in the final days of dying , lest the person actually die of dehydration instead of their original condition!
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Mother in Law
« Last post by Anonymous on Yesterday at 10:49:23 PM »
Hi all, sorry about this post.

I know that I need to just forgive, forget, move on. But usually when people hurt me, I tend to distance myself from them - always have done my whole life. But I can't really with my mother in law.

I'm not perfect myself, I struggle with forgiveness and bitterness.

My mother in law is very kind and generous, helped us buy property etc - i'm so lucky and forever grateful.

But she's also quite difficult.

Since day one of meeting my husband, she's always been very critical of my hair, one of the first times I met her she went out and bought me a ton of hair products telling me my hair needs to be softer and basically "look better".

I found staying at my parents in law quite claustrophobic, I would often get compared with my sister in law, despite me being like 4 years younger and from a completly different background etc but I've always brushed it off and thought its one of those things. We would play board games and if I get a difficult question right, in the past,my mother I-L,  mumbled, "clearly looked at the answer"

I think I feel angry about my mother in law when I suffered from a traumatic pregnancy. I ended up staying at their house during the pregnancy for support. The baby wasn't growing and I got preeclampsia. My kidneys and liver was shutting down and my body started filling with fluid -which started to paralyse me. If I ever complained about being in pain- I would get silenced and she would say "pregnancy is not a disease".

A week after my stillbirth, and they said I could go home and have daily visits, my husband and father in law wheeled me to the car upon leaving (I was nearly completely paralysed with body fluid at that point) and I sat in the car whilst I waited for my husband/fatherI-L to collect me things. She then pounced on me, giving me this long lecture, how I was too young to get pregnant (I wss 27) how her a her daughter waited till they were in their 30's. How silly I was to tell people on facebook I was pregnant and how she didn't tell anybody. She also went on about how I shouldn't have an incubator baby and it was a blessing the baby died - I just sat there in disbelief - I think the kindest thing to say is "sorry for your loss".

Things were hard the next few weeks, I couldn't walk, I was severly anemic, coming into hospital and getting blood transfusions - all she went on about was the state of my hair. She kept telling me she was going to drive me to the hairdressers. I honestly didn't care - I just wanted to get my health back and mourn.

Anyhoo, sorry about the rant. I hope i'm not sinning, as I am being mean and unforgiving. I just find it hard to see this women.  
You are not alone in having difficulty with your mother in law.
General Discussion / Re: CNN's Anthony Bourdain dead at 61...
« Last post by poche on Yesterday at 10:48:34 PM »
Well there you go, a story from the grapevine.
Read it again. I said "official record." Not hearsay. And remember, it's a sin to spread false rumors.
In any event since we don't know what the final judgement was I think it is best for us to pray for the repose of his soul that God give him a merciful judgement.
:pray: :pray: :pray:
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Do we become like angels when we die?
« Last post by Matto on Yesterday at 10:37:00 PM »
The post above is mine.
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Do we become like angels when we die?
« Last post by Anonymous on Yesterday at 10:34:50 PM »
Anyone who saves his soul is not just a "1%er" but more like a 0.001%-er.

Wow. I am surprised by your pessimism, Matthew. If you are correct and do the math, then only one in a hundred thousand people (presumably adults who reach the age of reason) will be saved. That is pretty rare to be saved then. And if one would consider the possibility of being that one in a hundred thousand might lead to pride. I thought I was the only person who considered the thought of the possibility of salvation being so rare. In the famous sermon on the fewness of the saved two private revelations are mentioned that claim the rate of salvation was around one in ten thousand. But you place it at one in a hundred thousand. With such odds wouldn't one flee to the desert and eat weeds and wild honey and wait for the raven to come to bring you bread? And if one was married wouldn't one want to have relations as rarely as possible and have as little pleasure as possible for fear that one will fall into sin. And wouldn't we all have as little pleasure as possible and pray as often as we could for fear of falling in to hell because only the best of the best will be saved? For only one in a hundred thousand will be saved. But how many people are there in the world? Let me estimate there are five billion people who will reach the age of reason, that would mean that of those people, only fifty thousand will be saved. Is that too rare? Well let us assume that most of the people who are saved are traditional Catholics. So how many of those are there? I will assume here that there are one million of them. And of that million, one in twenty will be saved. That makes fifty thousand. So in my chapel, perhaps one or two will be saved. And on Cathinfo, 160 will be saved. That's bleak. But I don't think you really think salvation is so rare, but were just saying a percentage without thinking. But I thought it was interesting that you would say that.
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Mother in Law
« Last post by Maria Regina on Yesterday at 10:33:03 PM »
Lord have mercy.

Many years ago I also had a miscarriage, so I can understand your need to mourn and to heal.

About healing .... read the labels on all hair and body care products before buying or using them. Commercial hair care products can possibly kill you and an unborn child. Read the labels. Almost all are loaded with chemicals in them. If you cannot pronounce it, it is probably not good for you or your children.  

When I took several courses in early childhood education, our professors were convinced that our modern processed foods, commercialized body care products with all their chemicals, and the increasing number of vaccines were causing an increase in miscarriages, birth defects, and auto immune diseases in moms and in their children. These professors also suggested that autism and other childhood diseases were caused by our modern love affair with chemicals and drugs.  Consider that GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) ingredients are not even tested for safety, yet GRAS ingredients are found in our foods, our body care products, our health supplements, and even in our medications.

By the way, my doctor told me to wash my hair only once every two weeks, or even better only once a month. It was difficult to follow his advice at first, but I am glad that I did.

Currently I wash my hair by pouring a solution of one quart of warm water + 1/3 cup of baking soda. I scrub my hair while pouring this solution over my hair and I do this two times. Each time I towel dry my hair. Then I rinse my hair with warm water, and immediately follow that with a rinse of one quart of warm water + 1/4 cup of organic  apple cider vinegar. Again, I towel dry my hair, gently. If my scalp and hair feels too dry and is difficult to manage, I add a drop or two of argan oil (longer hair needs at least two drops). This softens my hair, gives it body, and gives it a nice shine too.

Know that I will pray for you, your husband, and your mother-in-law.
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Children R Being Corrupted
« Last post by poche on Yesterday at 10:31:38 PM »
It really doesn't matter if Rome won't approve of women's ordination.
All a girl has to do is become a man via sex reassignment surgery, and then go to seminary and get ordained. Simple.
Probably okay with poche, too, after the bishop (legitimately established, SC 22.2) approves of it.
NO, 'sex reassignment' surgery will not work. When they apply to the seminary one of the documents to be provided will be a baptismal certificate.   
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Children R Being Corrupted
« Last post by poche on Yesterday at 10:27:39 PM »
You crack me up, Poche!
Too good to be true.... Must be more to this... Hmmmm!
Can you give a source for this?

Isn't that the one where Francis was upset at the priest because he was caught studying Latin and praying the Rosary?
I don't have a link right at hand but I placed a link when I posted it some years ago. I thought there was a contrast because Pope Benedict gave several warnings and 'times for reflection' before he punished Fr Bourgois for his part in the 'ordination' of a woman. Pope Francis acted quickly and without any nonsense with what he did in that case. 
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