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I believe it was Japan that had no sacraments for 300 years?!  Rosary was their prayer and when missionaries were allowed to come to Japan, they did not know what they would expect.  They found the catholic faithful 65% with their faith.

I kind of wonder sometimes if we got the message from Our Lady in the original message that Lucia got. Or were we getting messages that we were allowed to know and not the full message?

Chapter 12 of Daniel states the Mass will come to an end.

We do as we know to do, pray the rosary.  These times are known as the latter times, end of evil times.  It is the Marian Time.  Our Lady is Co-Redemptorix.  The Magnificat says it.  Read The Mystic City of God. Glories of Mary is very Good to read.
Hmm, maybe. However I think she didn't mention Mass on Sundays and holy days because that was already so obvious and so widely done by Catholics. In those days Church attendance rates would've been over 90% in Catholic countries, people took Mass very seriously. I think by emphasising on the Rosary she encouraged people to put time aside for the faith on the other days of the week. Many families might've said evening prayers, and maybe prayers at meals, but that'd be it. The Rosary however is a fairly long set of prayers, so by adding it to your routine you set aside a fair bit of time for faith, prayer, pondering on the life of our Lord and how to emulate him. It's an important tool to turn an only-on-Sundays-Catholic into one who really makes the faith a big part of their lives. 
On Watch: Brennan's Clearance Revocation is Anti-Swamp & Anti-Corruption

From Judicial Watch

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Crisis in the Church / Re: PA Grand Jury report priests list
« Last post by Cera on Today at 06:57:02 PM »
I firmly believe this is a crap explanation and am going to denounce it whenever I hear it. This sort of thinking will only harm us in the long run. It is OBVIOUS that this problem is older and was not caused by Vatican II 9as evil as it was) or . . . . Russians.  

This was already going on regularly by the time World War II broke out and it grew worse because of
1) a decrease in the availability of quality candidates for the priesthood because of modernity -- thus the small number of misfits that will slip into any organizations, became a larger and larger percent of the pie.
2) Too much reliance on psychology -- just send Father Fruitypants to some clinic so he can get his nerves in order and he will be good as new.  

These things were already in play before Vatican II and were not caused by communists. Quit the magical thinking.

The answer is intolerance for sexual immorality.  
How do you see the facts regarding Bella Dodd and other Communist infiltrators as "magical thinking"?
Why do you conflate the Bella Dodd facts with Vatican 2?
FYI Communism/ Satanism predates Vatican 2.
Why did Our Lady of Fatima insist so much on the rosary, and not, say, on making sure one attends Mass on Sundays and holy days?

It seems she foresaw that finding a valid Mass would be very difficult after 1960. I know people who cannot find a good or valid Mass and thus sustain themselves spiritually solely with the rosary.
Much worse than that - headlines also tell you how to think these days. You have the obvious:
"America is becoming less Christian, and here's why that's a good thing!" Very clearly telling the reader how to think on an issue
But you also have a more common and more subtle type like this:
"Trump criticised for comments on yada yada". A fair and balanced media would just tell you what Trump said and let the reader decide for themselves whether it was worthy of criticism or not, but by saying that Trump was criticised for it, they're implying that it's something worthy of criticism and subtly trying to get the reader to agree.
General Discussion / Re: Support CathInfo by clicking a checkbox!
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Windows Defender immediately identified what it called the 'brocoiner!rfn' trojan. My banner changed to supporter. It's something that could be turned on when not using the computer.
It does this purely to prevent sites mining using your resources without your consent. Since Cathinfo has your consent, there's no issue there. 
There's more to it than the quote that the OP posted:

Cardinal Juan de Torquemada [1388-1468]

Cardinal Juan de Torquemada [1388-1468] was a revered medieval theologian responsible for the formulation of the doctrines that were defined at Florence. Cardinal Torquemada, who is considered an ardent "papalist", teaches: "Were the Pope to command anything against Holy Scriptures, or the articles of faith, or the truth of the Sacraments, or the commands of the natural or Divine law, he ought not to be obeyed, but in such commands he is to be disregarded." [Summa de ecclesia (Venice: M. Tranmezium, 1561). Lib. II, c. 49, p. 163B. Translation from J.H. Newman, A Letter Addressed to His Grace the Duke of Norfolk on Occasion of Mr. Gladstone's Recent Expostulation (New York: The Catholic Publication Society, 1875), p. 86. This statement of Juan de Torquemada is found on page 171 of The Papacy in Transition by Patrick Granfield (New York: Doubleday, 1980). This book received high praise from Father (now Cardinal) Avery Dulles, SJ.]

 "Thus it is that Pope Innocent III states [De Consuetudine] that, it is necessary to obey the Pope in all things as long as he, himself, does not go against the universal customs of the Church, but should he go against the universal customs of the Church, 'he need not be followed' . . . " [Cited from A Theological Vindication of Roman Catholic Traditionalism, Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.D., M. Div. (2nd edition, St. Francis Press, India) p. 29. The full quotation from Cardinal Torquemada reads, "By disobedience, the Pope can separate himself from Christ despite the fact that he is head of the Church, for above all, the unity of the Church is dependent on its relationship with Christ. The Pope can separate himself from Christ either by disobeying the law of Christ, or by commanding something that is against the Divine or natural law." It follows, then, that if it is possible for a Pope to command something against Divine law, then it is likewise possible for a Pope to permit something that is against Divine or natural law, or go against the traditional teaching of the Church. Cardinal Torquemada continues: "By doing so, the Pope separates himself from the body of the Church because the body is itself linked to Christ by obedience. In this way the Pope could, without doubt, fall into schism . . . Especially is this true with regard to the Divine liturgy as for example, if he did not wish personally to follow the universal customs and rites of the Church. . . Thus it is that Pope Innocent III states (De Consuetudine) that, it is necessary to obey the Pope in all things as long as he, himself does not go against the universal customs of the Church, but should he go against the universal customs of the Church, 'he need not be followed . . . "
General Discussion / Re: Support CathInfo by clicking a checkbox!
« Last post by Ladislaus on Today at 05:54:23 PM »
G) even the miners don't make a killing, and their mining activity is actually providing a service at the same time -- verifying and securing all transactions that take place in that cryptocurrency.

OK, this by itself would certainly legitimize the activity.  As for all the other stuff you wrote about the U.S. dollar and the Fed, you're preaching to the choir there.  Father Ringrose once kept cryptically telling me that he had the reason why Kennedy was killed.  Finally, one day, he showed me a U.S. Dollar (I don't recall the exact denomination) that was printed during the Kennedy administration.  Unlike the usual dollar bills issued since the beginning of the Fed, it actually said "U.S. Treasury Note" instead of "Federal Reserve Note".  Interesting.
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