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Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Inter-Racial
« Last post by Anonymous on Today at 06:44:01 PM »
A young Caucasian woman who was raised in my chapel recently married a black man.  Although they were married by the priest, the situation makes me uncomfortable.  Am I wrong in this?
I was broke and homeless. The diocese wouldn't even hire me for a temporary job. Telling me that I was over qualified. They never even told me to go to government.   Never helped my husband family when they were forced to sell the farm because my husbands father had prostate cancer and couldn't get loan.  No college for my husband because he was youngest... But things were difficult for many years.     God was good to us and brought together. 
General Discussion / Re: Alt-Right, Meet Rad-Trad
« Last post by DLaurentius on Today at 06:28:35 PM »
No.  The Alt-Right is not Jewish-controlled.  Milo has renounced the title of Alt-Right because he's afraid of being lumped in with it, since Richard Spencer has sabotaged the brand with his idiocy.  And Ben Shapiro?  He hates the Alt-Right.  And the Alt-Right hates him, actually.  
As for Trump?  He's an agent of chaos.  I like him very much.  He's the best president we've ever had in my entire life.
It's possible that the Alt-Right is being infiltrated.  I've often wondered if Spencer is a plant.  And that Charlottesville debacle last August REEKED of a set-up.  Jason Kessler--the guy who threw that thing together--was only a year earlier an Obama voter who worked with Occupy Wallstreet.  
That being said, the Alt-Right is nebulous and has no head to it.  That's the strength of the movement, really.
Many people wonder if Spencer is a plant. I do not think so, but I know he has connections to the Bush family and quite possibly has Jewish ancestry. I am not his biggest fan, but he does make some good points every now and then. 
Not so fast, Charlie.

Dr. McDougall says in the following video on his own website that eating white (refined ) rice is fine for health & weight loss, but brown rice is better. The only reason he listed white rice/flour in the "don't eat list" is because he recommends brown rice as the better alternative.

Then he's sitting on his arse all day and not getting any calorie expenditures through physical movement. Or he's not telling the truth.
You only watched 4 minutes of the video.  But, that is also why fruit is not the greatest food for weight loss.  It is one an apertif, and two a sugar that as you can see from the video, easily converts into fat.  On the flip side, you cannot gain weight replacing that fruit with non starchy vegetables.  And, you can sit on your arse all day.  I am just saying that your 4 point fruit, sugar, and refined carb diet is not a weight loss diet.  It is an athletic diet, and maybe a poor one at that.  
General Discussion / Re: Does the Church drive good people away?
« Last post by PG on Today at 06:11:30 PM »
If the majority of clergy/church believes in jewish-christian civilization as a norm, then yes, that will drive good people away.  Catholics and jews do not belong in the same society.  There will always be exceptions, but when the exception is made the rule, then good people will suffer at the expense of pleasing the jews and the errors catholics are convinced of maintaining.  Generations are judged by other generations.
YouTube video of spinning top.

The earth *supposedly* travels much faster in circles than the spinning top, according to the globalists. What would happen if water were placed on the top before it started spinning? Would it stick to the top, or would it fly off? I opt for the latter.
Go back and read the first thing I wrote in this thread. 
In schools and even novus ordo churches, they treat him as if he is saint.   I had no idea that he was communist that defended abortion and planned parenthood.  He was false prophet.
Mikey King was your typical southern, smooth-talkin, bible-totin, pimp-daddy hustler spreadin the word of the lawd through his agressive "snivel" rights campaign down there in the deep south. the ol commie talked a good game, but he was just as morally deficient as any other sinning adulterer and hypocrite out there at the juke joint on a saturday night.
Problem is, we had a whole generation of morons buy into this guy's divinity, and they are legion. 
I'm a Malcom X guy myself, at least he actually believed in his own bs and never kow-towed to the man.

SSPX Resistance News / Re: The danger of schism
« Last post by wallflower on Today at 05:46:24 PM »

 It was also what motivated Fr. Dominique Bourmaud to write an article for the December edition of The Angelus wherein he argues the cause of conciliation.

In his essay, Fr. Bourmaud claims there is a “real danger” if the SSPX “ignores” the “Pope and bishops.” The danger is that the SSPX may be “turning our small communities into religious ghettos” if it refuses to “exhibit the proper respect” to the “ecclesiastical superiors.”

Fr. Bourmaud claims that to refuse the proper respect to the Pope would mean the SSPX has – in effect – fallen into sedevacantism. The SSPX would adopt a “schismatic attitude” if it doesn’t make a deal with Rome, he implies. A deal with Rome is essential to keeping the SSPX from sliding into a “schismatic,” “dangerous” “ghetto” mentality, as the Resistance has.


That made it into The Angelus?
General Discussion / Re: Alt-Right, Meet Rad-Trad
« Last post by DLaurentius on Today at 05:42:50 PM »
Brittany Pettibone is a traditional Catholic who grew up in St. Marys, Kansas and is often labeled as being Alt-Right/Alt-Lite. 

Nick Fuentes claims to be a traditional Catholic and is also labeled as being Alt-Right. His political and religious view are often very much in line with those of traditional Catholics.  Although, he has become a somewhat alienated figure among the Alt-Right ever since "Thotgate". 

I do not know much about Andy Nowicki, but he does not seem to be a traditional Catholic.
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Inter-Racial
« Last post by Nadir on Today at 05:32:34 PM »
Well, it's a change from flat earth! 
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