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Much of what is known of Louis's life comes from Jean de Joinville's famous Life of Saint Louis. Joinville was a close friend, confidant, and counsellor to the king, and also participated as a witness in the papal inquest into Louis' life that ended with his canonisation in 1297 by Pope Boniface VIII.
Two other important biographies were written by the king's confessorGeoffrey of Beaulieu, and his chaplain, William of Chartres. The fourth important source of information is William of Saint-Parthus' biography,[1] which he wrote using the papal inquest mentioned above. While several individuals wrote biographies in the decades following the king's death, only Jean of Joinville, Geoffrey of Beaulieu, and William of Chartres wrote from personal knowledge of the king.
At 5:49 it is now being reported that the item blown up turned out to be some abandoned clothing.
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How does Synagogue Rising compare to Jones's Jewish Revolutionary Spirit? I see it's listed in Synagogue Rising's index here.
General Discussion / Re: Terrorist attack at Manchester Arena, Manchester UK
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Larry Elder reported on his show at 5: 37 PM Fri( Pac time) that London police are warning that 'there will be a controlled explosion nearby and not to panic-- whatever that means'....
Fighting Errors in the Modern World / A Resistance Bishop
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The Archdiocese of St. Louis has filed suit to block a new city ordinance that would make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of “reproductive health decisions.”
The ordinance, which was enacted in February over the strenuous opposition of Archbishop Robert Carlson, would make women who are actively considering abortions a “protected class” under civil-rights law. Thus an employer who refused to hire a woman because she expressed her plan to abort would be in violation, as would a school that refused to hire a teacher who supported abortion.
“Let me be perfectly clear: The Archdiocese of St. Louis will not comply with his ordinance,” Archbishop Carlson told a press conference. He described the measure as “a marker of our city’s embrace of the culture of death.”
In a federal lawsuit, the archdiocese is asking the court to halt enforcement of the ordinance immediately, and to declare the measure unconstitutional. The archbishop emphasized, however, that the archdiocese would not comply with the rule in any case.
The Sacred: Catholic Liturgy, Chant, Prayers / Re: Purgatory
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If God requires such great purity in a soul that He admits into Heaven, it is because He is the Eternal Purity, Beauty and Justice, the Eternal Goodness and Perfection.

Oh my Jesus,
Please give me your purity that I may be like You. 
The Sacred: Catholic Liturgy, Chant, Prayers / Re: Fatima
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Sr. Lucia believed that an aurora borealis, which appeared in the sky on January 25, 1938, was the “unknown light” to which Mary had referred. The celestial phenomenon could be seen throughout Europe and as far south as Australia, and across the Atlantic to Bermuda and parts of the United States.
Shortly thereafter, Germany annexed Austria, and Japan had already invaded China in 1937. While the European portion of World War II is generally held by Western scholars to have officially started on September 1, 1939, under the reign of Venerable Pius XII, in many ways it was already begun under the reign of Pius XI, as Mary predicted.
The color is white.
Health and Nutrition / Re: Friday or not, whats your dinner?
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Today for dinner I had red beans and rice with collard greens.
:ready-to-eat: :ready-to-eat: :ready-to-eat: :chef: :chef: :chef:
Health and Nutrition / Re: Friday or not, whats your dinner?
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You eat very well, Poche! :ready-to-eat:
With God's grace.
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