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Or, one can ask alternately: how many graces have already been lost by Catholics still in attendance at SSPX chapels?  These Catholics can do what many traditional Catholics have already done.  They can search for independent alternatives, or stay home alone and say their Rosaries.  SSPX Catholics, who should know better,  support an organization which continues to function only because of them. Otherwise, it would justifiably sink into oblivion.  I have no sympathy for your argument.
Not sure what you are saying but what makes you believe people lose graces by assisting at SSPX Masses and receiving the sacraments from their priests? That's stupid talk. Are you Novus Ordo? If so, I understand why you said what you said.

A few years ago when +Williamson came to the area for Mass and a Conference, I went, and I also asked the Prior of my chapel at the time if he wanted to go. He would have gone except he had to administer Extreme Unction. He did ask me how it went the next time we spoke and was happy that the good Bishop was doing well and keeping the faith.

I was raised with SSPX and Independent priests - both offer the Holy Sacrifice, administer valid sacraments and preach the Gospel. Currently, our SSPX Prior started preaching what he said will be a series of Sunday sermons on the Liturgy, he said this should continue on for the next 6 - 12 months. So far, in the process of his preaching, he's specifically criticized the NOM for what it is the last two Sundays and held a short conference after Mass a few weeks ago on the same subject. We'll see how verbally he condemns the NO in the coming Sunday sermons, but saying anything at all against the NOM is a plus in my book.

So your idea of the SSPX and Independent priests (as if Independents are some how superior to SSPX priests by default) is off the mark, at least in my neck of the woods for sure.    
I'm afraid that prior to Matthew's well reasoned comments above, PV, you might have declared the 'stay home' position a mortal sin. 
Missing Mass on Sundays, without a grave reason, is a grave sin.  That's what I indirectly said to begin with (and what i continue to hold).  Since I can't comment on EVERY sspx chapel, I originally said that the sspx (overall) is not yet an indult, therefore (overall) one cannot skip their masses (generally speaking).
If people want to argue about this-or-that PARTICULAR situation, that's fine.  Exceptions don't change the GENERAL rule I stated.  Just because I agree there are exceptions doesn't mean I "dialed back" anything. 
The fact of the matter is that the decision to 'stay home' cannot be made lightly due to politics or personal preferences. 
I'm afraid that prior to Matthew's well reasoned comments above, PV, you might have declared the 'stay home' position a mortal sin.  I think, also, that you were forced to abridge your earlier remarks about sspx chapels. 
I don't wish to pick an argument with you unnecessarily; but you seem to have dialed back a bit, which, IMO anyway, is good.

How did a 14 month old become unaccompanied?
Either his poor parents sold him into the sex/organ trafficking or he was kidnapped.
Both scenarios happen worldwide.
Some wicked people in the cabal (illuminati) sell their own children into the sex/organ trafficking business.

This is why this horrible sex/organ trafficking business needs to be investigated at the highest levels and the wicked arrested.
In fact, these ongoing investigations will be brought to light.

Here is a map showing sealed/unsealed/non-sealed indictments, many of which involve sex/organ trafficking.
Note that California has the highest number of sealed indictments followed by Texas.

11,317 sealed
357 unsealed
81 not sealed

6,578 sealed
706 unsealed
653 not sealed
Catholic Living in the Modern World / Re: Innocent Priest Attacked
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Could the woman be a descendant of the former masonic Mexican president Calles ?

He was the bastard son of Sephardic jew and nicknamed "burner of priests". 

Over 4,000 Catholic priests died under his reign.  

:farmer: Thought you'd like to know that Poche.
The SSPX playing footsie with Modernist Rome and telling their people V2 isn't so bad, let's get closer to the Conciliar Church, etc. is a supreme danger. Certainly enough reason to stay home.
I was making a general statement about the sspx.  Certainly some sspx chapels are more liberal than others.  That decision is left up to the individual.  My only point is that I don't think the evidence exists to "red light" ALL sspx chapels just yet.  In my experience, the local sspx chapels close to me aren't doctrinally corrupted.  Maybe some are elsewhere?  Could be.  

The fact of the matter is that the decision to 'stay home' cannot be made lightly due to politics or personal preferences.  The 3rd Commandment overrules most, if not all, politics or personal issues.  If the problems are more doctrinal, then that's a different matter.  And that could apply for some sspx chapels, but not all...yet...imo.
The Catholics of Japan had no influence on the country. Yamamoto was Catholic but he couldn't stop his government from making a disastrous mistake. The Emperor had a good experience with a saintly Catholic priest but that didn't  trickle dowb to the population. Japanese soldiers tortured POWs and raped and murdered conquered civilians according to the Bushido code. Most have never met a Christian. Nagasaki was no threat to Japan and I doubt that Truman cared about it because Catholics were living there.

I didn't know Admiral Yamamoto was Catholic?
He was "the guy" though, attending Harvard, learning to play poker and gaining an understanding of American culture.
He had demanded full control of the Japanese Navy and devised both the Pearl Harbor & Midway attacks.

Before leaving this subject, wanted to mention that despite the judeo-masonic conspiracy to wipe-out the core of Japanese Catholicism, there was a Catholic close to Japan's WWII.  It surrounded the life of the Catholic convert, Dr. Takashi Nagai.

He interpreted the Nagasaki bombing as an answer to the Catholic population's prayers. For five years, they had been praying for an end to the war.  Then in an instant over 8,000 Catholics, many who attended Mass at Urakami Cathedral died.

On August 9th, the bomb exploded 500 meters from the Cathedral (within the maximum tolerance spec for bomb accuracy developed by the US Air corps). The meaning here is that the Cathedral was the bombardier's true target.  

The Cathedral had been mostly flattened, reduced to a large pile of wooden rubble. Then, on August 12th, Feast of the Assumption of Mother Mary, the wooden rubble caught fire and completely burned-up, as in a holocaust fire.  This was same day when Japan's war council decided to surrender. Emperor Hirohito gave a recorded radio address across the Empire on August 15th, announcing the surrender of Japan to the Allies.
Explosive and riveting testimony from one of ex-Cardinal McCarrick's victims, James Grein.

"What is the connection between the St Gallen Mafia meeting in Switzerland and the early studies of ex Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in Sankt Gallen Switzerland? Informed Catholics know that the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of Pope Francis were tied to the Saint Gallen Mafia, but McCarrick's victim James Grein breaks open the story. Dr Taylor Marshall interviews "James" Grein from the New York Times story, and reveals how the young Theodore McCarrick made connections with his family in Sankt Gallen Switzerland and how this event shaped McCarrick's ecclesiastical career and the movement against Pope Benedict XVI with his eventual resignation. Archbishop Vigano's testimony and the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI make sense now in light of this discovery of McCarrick's historic connection with the city of Sankt Gallen Switzerland. James Grein also explains the importance of McCarrick as a fundraiser and the importance of the Vatican Bank in the pontificate of John Paul II. If you are interested in the resignation of Pope Benedict and the unusual election of Pope Francis, you must see this video to connect the dots."

This what is going on Sweden. A Woman is in jail for putting on her Social Media critical of the muslims migrant that are
being imported into Sweden. Her crime is that she reported that the muslim migrants are responsible for over 1000 murders in Sweden in November 2018 alone.    
Just think if this migrant policy was not brought on by a very Liberal Leftist Government these 1000 murdered people
would still be alive.
The Liberal Leftists are to  blamed for the crimes because that what the migrants do in the own country. And hiding
the facts from the people compounds their crimes.

65-year-old woman jailed for these Facebook posts ...
Posted: 10 Dec 2018 04:47 AM PST

stock photos --A 65-year-old woman simply identified as "Christina" was jailed in Sweden.

Here offense? She dared to speak the unspeakable.

"I'm so scared, I can not do anything. Should I be in prison with criminals? I have rheumatoid arthritis, deep depression and I will lose my home as I love," she says crying.

Her words were not profane but, rather, they were outside the narrow parameters that confine our thoughts. She was convicted of being an "influencer" on the Internet.

Apparently Christina posted comments critical of Islam.

Some people groups you criticize. Some you may not critcize. You may be critical of National Socialists. You may not be critical of Muslims. A citizen of Sweden, for example, may risk their freedom for noting that Islamic hate groups killed more than 1,000 innocent people in November, 2018. (A month in which National Socialists killed no one).

From ▼ Translation by Google

By the witness reviewer  Tomas Åberg's  testimony, the judgment shows that he calls Christina for an "influencer" on the internet. He says that he received early comments from Christina's facebook profile when she was very active and made a lot of posts every day.

Christina states that several people had access to her account and there was no evidence that she would have written the posts.

The Court of Appeal considers in the judgment that it is proved that it is Christina who has published all posts covered by the prosecution. This is how the opinions correspond to what she said to be behind and that it would be remarkable if they were written by someone else, as well as the way of writing is similar.

Misrepresenting Muslims

As to whether the statements are against the public, the Court of Appeal writes:

"Each of the prosecuted statements expresses, not least when incorporated into their context, criminal offenses against people with Muslim beliefs."

The prosecution includes eight different statements for nine months in a public Facebook group with around 25,000 members. Hovrätten also weighs out that the statements have spread widely since many have shared and liked the posts.


How did a 14 month old become unaccompanied?
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