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Another thread on this subject has turned it into a cause for amusement, joking and predicted comment from resistance people mainly because Bishop Fellay has added his signature to it as representative of the SSPX. This response, while absolutely predictable to keep the resistance position tenable, has shocked me. Next the flat-earthers will probably add their cause to it also. Surely the subject matter is one of the most serious for Catholicism and correction, and should be aired and responded to as such.

The 62 signers 

The Letter:
Anonymous Posts Allowed / Re: Confession
« Last post by Stubborn on Today at 04:32:57 AM »
Recently went to confession.  
Went to confessional total silence.  
I didn't even know if there was somebody there. I just started. And stated my sins.  Then I was given penance snd absolved.
I was expecting advice?
Normally the only way to know if a priest is in the confessional is that there is a light on above the confessional. Advice is optional and usually depends on the priest, some give it, others only absolve without any - the main thing is that your sins were absolved.
General Discussion / Re: Latest cathinfo spam attack
« Last post by Stubborn on Today at 04:19:20 AM »
Polite spammer.
General Discussion / Re: Latest cathinfo spam attack
« Last post by Bill Clinton on Today at 03:25:51 AM »
Sorry double post.
General Discussion / Re: Latest cathinfo spam attack
« Last post by Bill Clinton on Today at 03:19:24 AM »
His words ring hollow, considering his(?) acts. Again that proverb comes to mind, "The Jew weeps as he strikes."

"I was just sleeping with your wife as a favor, to show you how unfaithful she is! Lucky for you I came along; whew, you really dodged a bullet there! You're welcome!"

How much of that effluvia did you imbibe man? Talk about "takin' one for the team." ...
Your comment is my only reason of coming back. I don't care to spam your forum anymore but I do ask that at least your owner will ban this account and leave my post.

I cannot and will not accept being called Jew, this is why I return. So here are some quick facts:

- I am not Catholic but have studied Traditional Catholicism and different manifestations, Sedevacanatism, itd. online. While they do interest me it is honestly exclusively from the spiritual anthropological view and I find myself in strong agreement with many of your circle's socio-political views, still I am not Catholic. I am Orthodox, that will not change.

- Why did I really spam your forum? Because I troll sometimes, no specific formula, all different types of sites. Why did I spam your forum? Honestly? 2 reasons - 1.) I grew tired of having to use VPN in Brasil, USA and so forth just to read your site and found it hypocritical and irritating that people who speak of Fatima so much and consecrating Russia to the Sacred Heart have this very country blocked from access. ... 2.) I find often myself irritated when reading some of your theological positions and find them absurd. Additionally, I also see many and constant dramatics in your church and cannot determine why you will not simply just accept the original church with all valid sacraments, valid everything in every way and accept Orthodoxy rather than remain locked inside this struggle with Rome. Summary: I just cannot understand you people's theological rationalizing.

- As above, I troll many forums but admit this is first Christian-related forum and now think even that was some kind of bad idea. At least you people's sect has some form of insight into what is actually occurring in our world today from the politically sober view. So I will quit spamming your forum and hope that your webmaster will enact the ban on this account without deleting my one post.
I would leave links to many websites that I feel you should be exposed to and yes I have many that are in English and multiple languages that I really want to leave but I am sure that doing so would increase risks of even my one worthless post being deleted so I will not leave Orthodox sites but if you want news sites from good perspectives, I leave you this:
Sorry for spamming your forum.
~Anonymous observor
It just occured to me that the hurricanes are named Joseph and Mary while this whole "Virgin Gives Birth" star alignment is going on...
Good point.
You missed one:
October 31st: Celebration for 500th Anniversary of Luther's Revolt
Okay, but just WHO is "celebrating?"
In 1992 there was no 500th anniversary celebration for Columbus sailing the ocean blue (1492).
General Discussion / Re: COMING SOON - A new CathInfo!
« Last post by Neil Obstat on Today at 02:00:31 AM »

I know it's sometimes said that every thread can be turned into a discussion of either SVism or BOD.  Here I am reading a thread about a technical/computer issue, and it happened again.  

Did this post somehow get imported from another thread???   :thinking:

ETA: Post written before I saw Matthew's post above.  
But my head is still reeling how that happened in a thread about a computer techie-thing.
When Matthew said a new CI is coming soon, little did we know that the new CI would have any thread turning into a flat-earth free-for-all instead of SVism or BoD.
General Discussion / Re: The end of the world 9/23?
« Last post by Neil Obstat on Today at 01:54:13 AM »

Looky there! Nice to see you again, B from A. How kind of you to stop in for an appearance!
Still just a "junior member?" Are you going to make a career out of being a junior member?  ;D
General Discussion / Re: The end of the world 9/23?
« Last post by Neil Obstat on Today at 01:51:19 AM »
Yes, we are still here, but how many people have died today and have found themselves in Hell.

For them, this is the end.
Fr. Schell used to say the only end of the world anyone should be worrying about is the end of their own world.
There was a woman rescued from the earthquake rubble in Mexico today because she was able to use her cell phone to send a text message. She had been pinned down under concrete rubble, unable to move for 24 hours. When they uncovered her based on her GPS location they also found several other survivors nearby. Lucky people.
For a lot of victims in the Mexico earthquake, the 23rd was the end of the world.
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