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General Discussion / Re: Alfie's father's letter to his bishop
« Last post by 2Vermont on Today at 09:22:03 AM »
I haven't been following this closely.  

What does he mean by "My greatest sorrow results from not having been recognized as a child of Holy Mother Church"
General Discussion / Re: Alfie's father's letter to his bishop
« Last post by Mr G on Today at 09:06:10 AM »
Any updates on the effect of this letter? Did the bishop ever respond?
General Discussion / Re: China begins Social Credit Score system
« Last post by Croix de Fer on Today at 08:22:54 AM »
Israel going cashless

General Discussion / Re: China begins Social Credit Score system
« Last post by Croix de Fer on Today at 08:19:14 AM »

India is beginning to use a similar system.

The mark of the devil: Why a group of Christians in Mizoram are objecting to Aadhaar

India’s unique identity programme is being linked by some people to a fearful Biblical prophesy.

Mizoram government employee Hmingtei claimed she was alarmed when she was flooded by text messages asking for “everything – bank account, mobile number – to be linked to Aadhaar”. “Even for salary, government is telling us we need to link Aadhaar,” said Hmingtei, who works at the department of information and public relations and only goes by one name.

Over the last couple of years, the Government of India has made Aadhaar, a 12-digit biometrics-based unique identity number, mandatory to access a variety of government benefits and services. The ever-expanding ambit of Aadhaar has been challenged on various grounds, including privacy and constitutional validity, with the matter currently in the Supreme Court.
Hmingtei is among thousands of citizens across India who are anxious about the spread of Aadhaar. However, her primary fear stems from a somewhat peculiar source: that getting a unique identification number is akin to being marked by the devil. In Mizoram, where Christians account for over 87% of the state’s population, Hmingtei has company.
In Christianity, the devil is associated with the number 666. This comes from the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, which has a prophecy that there will come a time when “no man will be able to buy or sell” except those marked by the name or the number of the beast (or devil): 666. The fear of this number even has a term for it: hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.
From all accounts, the objections to Aadhaar by Hmingtei and a few other Christians stem from the fear of this prophecy.
Last year, in Mizoram, people who object to Aadhaar on these grounds formed a group called Mizoram Against Biometric Enrolment. People have also expressed similar concerns in Meghalaya, another Christian-majority state in the North East. And last week, a petitioner from Mumbai moved the Supreme Court saying that Aadhaar violated his fundamental right to religion, and sought exemption from it on the grounds that Christianity did not permit it.

Devout government employees
Mizoram Against Biometric Enrolment consists entirely of state government employees. “We are around 400 people, all government servants,” claimed Hmingtei. “When we conducted a campaign on November 22, 23, and 24 last year, thousands of people joined us. We could not officially register them because they were not government employees.”
The president of Mizoram Against Biometric Enrolment is Lalziarana, a school teacher from state capital Aizawl. Lalziarana said he refrained from registering for Aadhaar as it went against his religious beliefs. “I am a Christian, but in the Bible, we have been asked not to do it,” he said.
He claimed that Aadhaar itself was not the beast but biometric enrolment was “preparation for the coming of the beast”. He said his fears were confirmed by Hmingtei, who claims to “have gone through spiritual enlightenment in 1994”.
Hmingtei explained, “During that time, the Holy Spirit led me through the whole Book of Revelation, and deep inside my heart I have [an] explanation of [the] Revelation. Now, as was explained by the Holy Spirit, the world is fulfilling the prophecy of the Bible.”
In most Christian denominations, the Holy Spirit is considered to be the third constituent of what is referred to as the “Holy Trinity”, with the others being God the Father, and God the Son (Jesus Christ).
Elaborating on her prognosis, Hmingtei added, “In our Bible, there is a prophecy that [the] whole world will be controlled by one group. This seems to be going that way, all the [biometric] data goes to UN [United Nations].”

No church support
Few churches in the state share the concerns of Mizoram Against Biometric Enrolment. On the contrary, they have repeatedly affirmed that there is nothing to fear from Aadhaar, and have even actively supported enrolment. As of March 15, the Aadhaar enrolment rate in Mizoram was 81.2 %. This has left the likes of Lalziarana disgruntled. He has stopped attending church.
“The church will support the government,” said Hmingtei, her voice tinged with disappointment. “I still go to church, but outside it I do my struggle against biometric enrolment.”
Do her friends and family believe in her cause?
“The government has made Aadhaar compulsory for so many services, so what can people do?” she said.
Asked about Mizoram Against Biometric Enrolment’s future plans, Hmingtei said she was optimistic. “Till now we hear good news, the court is delaying the compulsory linking to banks many times,” she said. “We know that our brothers and sisters in the mainland are fighting against it for privacy reasons, so we support them.”
Hmingtei claims she will not be swayed even if the court rules in favour of the government. “Even if it is mandatory, we will not do it, we will go by the Bible,” she said.

Thanks for the lectures about sacrifice.

But the greatest sacrifice we can make is to do the will of God in all things.

He shows his will through the moral theology of the Church.

It is not about the MASS being heretical. It is about the priest.

Moral theology forbids us to go to valid, traditional Masses of schismatics.

Look it up.

The SSPX has made 4 deals with Rome. One would be enough to make them part of the conciliar, modernist church.

It's that simple. If you go to an SSPX Mass you make a public statement to God and others that you agree with that. End of story. And if you go are you receiving communion? Are you in union with them? Are you giving to the collection? Why would you financially support Bishop Fellay? If not why are you going then? The sacraments are not toys to make us feel good. Grace can't be felt.
Can you please post it because I would like to see what moral theology says about going to the Mass and receiving the sacraments from SSPX.

The SSPX are not schismatics, nor are they heretics - not at my SSPX chapel, nor have I heard anything schismatic or heretical from the pulpit from any SSPX anywhere - perhaps it has happened but not to my knowledge. We all know that since it's inception, nearly the entire world has believed them to be in schism or excommunicated or whatever, but we know those who believe as such are, and have always been wrong about that, so what specifically are you talking about?

As you said, it's about the priest.

Yes, +Fellay et al. are doing the slow boil unto their own destruction, but their priests and sacraments are valid until proven otherwise - and when you are in dire need of a priest, you will never regret receiving the last rites and blessings from an SSPX priest, who often travel great distances to get them to you.

It is simply catholic moral theology that you cannot attend the Mass of a heretic.

How do you reconcile your statement with the Code of Canon Law?

1917 Code of Canon Law, Canon 2261

The faithful may, saving the exceptions in the following paragraph, ask for any good reason an excommunicated priest for the Sacraments and sacramentals, above all when there are no other ministers, in which case the excommunicated priest who is asked to administer the Sacraments may do so...

have you read the relevant quotes by St thomas? I dont think you have.
I have and it is clear that he accepts that the earth is a sphere.
The Earth God Made - Flat Earth, Geocentrism / Re: Are Globers Catholic?
« Last post by Jaynek on Today at 07:26:25 AM »
That's not what the text says. Could go either way. In fact when you take in the later condemnation of agreda for saying the earth was a globe, then you are most likely wrong.

No, it could not go either way.  There is nothing whatsoever in the text that even hints at any problem with the idea of a spherical earth.  It is a clear, specific condemnation of the proposition that the earth orbits the sun.  Also, we know from history that the dominant position among Catholics at that time was the Ptolemaic model which included a spherical earth.

The "condemnation" of Sor Maria was for saying that the earth was egg-shaped rather than a perfect sphere as commonly believed at that time.  This event does not show Catholic support for flat earth.

The Church has never taught against spherical earth. Rather, this has been the dominant belief throughout most of our history.  Some (but not all) Church Fathers thought the earth was flat but the belief was virtually non-existent after the Patristic period. To question the Catholicity of those who believe in a spherical earth is to question the majority of Catholics.  This includes Saints like Bede, Albert the Great, Thomas Aquinas, and Robert Bellarmine. 

That flat-earthers see themselves as some sort of superior Catholic with the right to judge the faith of "globers" is probably the most pernicious aspect of this phenomenon.  It is not merely factually incorrect but spiritually dangerous.
These days you have to judge any chapel on a case by case basis. Personally, I stopped going to a nearby SSPX chapel because of the occasional visit of a dubiously ordained priest. I could call ahead of time each week and find out which priest will be coming, or I could attend an Eastern Liturgy once a month and occasionally visit a CMRI chapel. 
This is where Pax Vobis and I do agree. Dogmatic sedevacantists can be worse than dogmatic sedeplenists, even though the terms can be switched around in his post and hold true for the most part.
The only difference here is that one gets banned; the other does not.  So much for Samuel's and Sean's assertion that this forum is a "sedevacantist" forum.
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