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Catholic Living in the Modern World / Re: Hell exists and we might go there!
« Last post by Meg on Today at 03:02:30 PM »
While I think that all trads believe in Hell, they don't seem to believe that they can go there, simply because they're "trads."

Being a trad is like a having a "Get Out of Going to Hell" card.
Crisis in the Church / Re: Paul VI Still Alive and in Hiding
« Last post by Nooseph Polten on Today at 03:00:44 PM »
My, this is serious information, and must be taken seriously.

Pope St. Paul VI The Great, so we've heard is alive and well, and living on the Flat Earth, with the Sun circling around him.  He's in a secret underground base in Antarctica, with Elvis and Cardinal Siri and the real Sister Lucy, until next week and the "America in Eclipse" event.  He's been on a really long sabbatical, hiding away from those lizard folk (the modernists) that Paul Icke was warned us about - more like a vacation sometimes.  So, he's a sede-vacationist more than sede-vacantist.  BTW, he gave his tripe tiara to the UN so that they could put it on his chair, showing that it wasn't really empty.

He's been dealing with a serious issue - there was a hidden defect in his infant baptism that has been mysteriously and mystically (and mythically?) revealed to him.  Now, he fully desires to be a member of the Church (that he's the head of), and has been willing to shed his blood for it for the past 100-200 years, but woe is me.  Everyone thinks he is dead, so he can't get anyone to baptize him, and he can't baptize himself.  But not to worry, that's not really going to be the Moon obscuring the Sun next week (what an insane and heretical idea!) - it's really a huge glob of water.  Don't we all know there's a huge wall water just hanging over us?  It's actually Dark Water - the EENS equivalent of Dark Matter.  Deny Dark Water and your soul is lost!  So, the glob of Dark Water will baptize Paul VI, and all will be well.  Well for Paul VI, but it might well tip the Earth from being Flat to something slightly different, like Eggshell, Matte, or Semi-Gloss - this could attract all the "Dark" in the "Dark Water", ushering in the Three Days of Darkness, slightly inconveniencing the rest of us.
I love it.
Crisis in the Church / Re: CMRI and Natural Family Planning
« Last post by DZ PLEASE on Today at 02:57:24 PM »
Is the CMRI for or against Natural Family Planning - you know, contraception?
Don't know of any org with valid clergy claiming to be Catholic that aren't pro-NFP, incl. the CMRI.
now to actually answer the thread.

Being flat earth is not a "position".

It is science. It is what we see with our eyes. That some people before thought the earth was round is understandable because they did not have technology to prove otherwise. Technology that we have nowadays.

Therefore the fruits can only be that of being in conformity to the truth.

You're mentally ill
One of the comments under the video on the YouTube page has this:

My daughter Elizabeth hails : "The Holy Rosary is our wrecking ball against The Walls of Hell"
Fr. Nault has a French accent. I never had the privilege of meeting him. 
Crisis in the Church / CMRI and Natural Family Planning
« Last post by Merry on Today at 02:41:11 PM »
Is the CMRI for or against Natural Family Planning - you know, contraception?
The first picture is from a Fatima-on-Demand video which depicts Fr. Nault teaching a group of children:


Hell Exists
And We Might Go There

This article is based on a talk given by Fr. Marcel Nault 
at the Fatima Bishops' Conference.

Copies of this article available from:
Our Lady of the Rosary Library
11721 Hidden Creek Road
Prospect, KY 40059

I did a quick search for photos of Fr. Marcel Nault and could only find four:

Father Marcel Nault of Montreal, Quebec, assisted Father Gruner on his recent trip to India.
[Winter 1992 - Fr. Nault had just 5 years to live.]
Here he is offering Holy Mass for many thousands of pilgrims who came to honor Our Lady of Fatima.

Fr. Marcel Nault, Fr. Nicholas Gruner and Fr. Victor Soroka
in the vestibule of the Fatima Center, IFRC's headquarters
on the U.S.-Canadian border near Buffalo, New York.
[1996, one year left for Fr. Nault]

"You must do all you can do to bring about
the consecration of Russia and the Triumph
or the Immaculate Heart. There is no work
more important than this."

Crisis in the Church / Re: Paul VI Still Alive and in Hiding
« Last post by DZ PLEASE on Today at 02:14:51 PM »
Myrna, what in the heck does that have to do with anything?
Thanks man,  I thought I was stroking out or something.
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