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Title: Dershowitz secret emails -> Mass arrests
Post by: Maria Regina on January 07, 2019, 10:29:43 PM
Dershowitz: "Secret" Emails About Underage Sex Allegations Will Put "Prominent People in Handcuffs" (
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 Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 6 Jan 2019 - 4:30:38 PM (
Get in line.



From the link above in Q's post: Below are a few excerpts from Dershowitz's interview.

...  "There are emails so far that are secret, but that prove, not only that I was framed, but who framed me," Dershowitz said. "It names names. These people are going to go to jail once these e-mails come out because this was a total frame up for financial reasons, and I can prove it, and will prove it. Have me back on the show when the e-mails come out, boy it will be so interesting because there will be prominent people in handcuffs. Prominent people in handcuffs once these e-mails come out."
 "Look, as to the first woman who accused me, her own lawyer admitted in front of witnesses that she was wrong, just wrong, that I couldn’t have been in the places,” he said.

 "The second woman," he said, "is a woman who wrote to the NY Post claiming she had video tapes of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump having sex with underage girls. The NY Post said, ‘We don’t believe you.’ They wouldn’t even publish her story, but, she’s one of the people."  ...

We must pray that Dershowitz is not found murdered by Deep State (CIA) operatives before these emails are released.