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Donald Tɾυmρ’s New Blog Is Riddled With Facebook and Google Trackers, Share Buttons For Big Tech (

In the video Andrew Torba explains that Facebook and ƚwιƚƚeɾ track every visitor to Tɾυmρ's new Blog, which is even more disturbing when you read this: The Military Origins of Facebook -

As Donald Tɾυmρ’s new blog launched this week, Facebook’s ADL-supported “Oversight Board” upheld the corporate monopoly’s decision to permanently ban Tɾυmρ from the platform. Despite this, the President’s new blog is loaded with trackers from Facebook and Google, and features prominent share buttons for Facebook and ƚwιƚƚeɾ while ignoring the free speech platforms used by the majority of Tɾυmρ supporters, such as Gab, Telegram, and ραɾleɾ.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba was among the first to uncover the tracking pixels embedded in the new blog that Tɾυmρ launched on Tuesday called “From The Desk Of Donald J. Tɾυmρ.”

Despite the fact that the new blog has zero user-oriented features aside from allowing Tɾυmρ to post his email messages from the Save America 45 PAC directly to the site, the blog features many prominent donation buttons that encourage supporters to donate up to $5,000, including a $250 button that is prominently animated and jumps around the screen.

No indication is given as to where the donations will go, other than a vague message that states “President Tɾυmρ is calling on you to step up and become a founding member of his Save America team.” Donators are apparently supposed to become ecstatic at the thought of President Tɾυmρ potentially seeing their name on a “Founding Member Donor List.”

Tɾυmρ supporters are also encouraged to share the President’s posts to Big Tech platform Facebook and ƚwιƚƚeɾ, the very platforms that moved to silence Tɾυmρ and his supporters the most over the past five years.
“Why Tɾυmρ’s people, specifically Brad Parscale, who built this platform, would allow Facebook and Google tracking pixels on this blog, is really beyond me,” Andrew Torba said in a video message explaining why Tɾυmρ is still not on Gab. “It’s kind of ironic when you think about it, being that Facebook upholds this ban of Tɾυmρ from Facebook and Instagram, and he has Facebook on his own website, allowing them to track his supporters as they come to read his messages on this website.”

Torba went to explain that his attempts to give President Tɾυmρ a platform to use on Gab fell through when Jared Kushner and Brad Parscale pushed for Gab to turn user data over to them, and violate Gab’s free speech ethos by banning so-called “antisemitic hate speech” that Kushner found personally offensive.
As National File previously reported, Tɾυmρ advisors Kushner and Dan Scavino teamed up in January to browbeat Tɾυmρ out of replatforming himself on Alt Tech.


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