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Title: Trump: good speech in Poland
Post by: rosary93 on July 06, 2017, 12:21:18 PM
I didn't hear  the whole speech, maybe half of it, the last half. It was very good, about having the will to keep democracy or words to that effect. I mean, the kids growing up these days think our country is wrong about so many things, and has been historically... They have been fed the lie that our founding fathers and others in our history were terrible people who owned slaves (which many did) and so we should just maybe write them out of our future history books... Please!

Anyway, I don't watch news as much as i once did (Is that good or bad? hmmmm.... :confused:) but it seems to me that Trump is becoming a better president all the time... something i did not think would happen, frankly... I mean, you know... "bleeding from her.. .whatever" and etc... etc...

And yes, i am willing to forget that stuff b/c of all he is doing for the US and US allies (and even non-allies, which is tricky b/c... well, Putin is a con artist, for example... )

So what do you like/dislike about our president? (I guess CNN viewers would love to answer the Dislike aspect of the Q....)

CNN is no longer trusted, and of course many of us have thought so for a long time... Their handling of stories RE the president show that their liberal (read: satanic) world view is more important than truth... but of course that is the case. The devil hates the truth--------------

sorry, but Liberal and Satanic are synonymous w/ yours truly...