Author Topic: The rightful "King of Jerusalem" is Spain's King Felipe VI  (Read 811 times)

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The rightful "King of Jerusalem" is Spain's King Felipe VI
« on: January 04, 2018, 08:47:26 PM »
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  • No matter the claims of Donald Trump or Talmudic jewery, Felipe VI of the Spanish monarchy indisputably retains the title of "King of Jerusalem". That title granted to the Spanish monarchs by the Church after the Crusades.

    The King insists on the solution of two States to make possible the "legitimate aspiration" of Palestinian sovereignty

    1/20/2017 15:27
    King Felipe VI has stressed on Monday that the way for the Palestinian Authority to achieve its "legitimate aspirations" of sovereignty remains the solution of two democratic States, one Israeli and one Palestinian, living together in peace.

    "Only in this way can the legitimate aspirations of both sides, Palestinian sovereignty and Israeli security, be met in the same way, there will not be one without the other, since they are two sides of the same coin, and can only be achieved if the necessary steps are taken. to build, under that approach and aspirations, a climate of mutual trust and respect, "the head of state said at the luncheon that the kings offered to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during his official visit to Spain.

    Don Felipe has indicated that "Spanish society has a deep sense of justice that has led it to show a special sensitivity for the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people" and added that this is what motivates the "firm and constant position of Spain in favor of a solution of two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, that live side by side in peace and within secure and recognized borders. "
    For his part, Abbas thanked the King, the Government and the Spanish people for their "just cause" and especially the position of the Spanish Parliament, which three years ago urged the Government to recognize the Palestinian State. In fact, he has hoped that this will happen "in the near future", "because of its importance in supporting the opportunities to achieve peace" in the region.

    Abbas also took the opportunity to reiterate, both to the King and the President of the Government, the "firm support position" of the Palestinian Authority "to the unity of the people and the territory of Spain" and wished the Spanish people, "more progress" and also "more bonanza and development", according to the text of the speech provided to the press.

    The Palestinian president has taken the opportunity to invite the Spaniards to visit the holy places and, in particular the Kings, to visit Palestine "at the Christmas holidays", to attend together the Mass of the Rooster in the Church of the Nativity.

    Of course, has extended the invitation at the time that the Kings deem appropriate. "We hope to welcome you soon in an independent and sovereign Palestinian State, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and You Majesty your King", in allusion to a title that also holds the Spanish dynasty.

    Felipe VI has highlighted the commitment in the search for solutions and agreements for peace in the region, at a luncheon held in the same place where the Madrid Conference began 26 years ago, the Hall of Columns of the Royal Palace, a room different from the gala dinner where dinners are held when there is a state visit but has also been the scene of solemn occasions, such as the signing of the entry of Spain into the European Communities or the abdication of Juan Carlos I.

    The lunch, attended by a hundred guests, was attended by the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy; the presidents of Congress and the Senate, Ana Pastor and Pío García-Escudero and the presidents of the Constitutional Court, Juan José González Rivas, and the Supreme Court, Carlos Lesmes, as well as the mayor of the city, Manuela Carmena, who has I stopped briefly to speak with Abbas at the time of greetings. UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai also attended. He has greeted Abbas as the King explained that he will return to Jordan because his term ends.

    In his speech, the King has acknowledged that negotiations for the peace process, now paralyzed, needs "a climate of mutual trust and respect" and has also admitted that the challenge is not "technical negotiation" but "political will" . From the outset, he expressed confidence that the reconciliation among Palestinians will allow "a new peace initiative" to be addressed "from the unity of its people."


    "We will continue working to unite our land and our people and achieve reconciliation with the support of our brother country, Egypt, to have a single authority, a single legislation and a single security force, which would alleviate the suffering of our people in the Gaza Strip, "Mahmud Abbas said on this issue.

    However, the King has opined that "the years since the Madrid Conference" have not been wasted years, "since the Palestinian Authority has been building" an administrative structure and institutions capable and prepared to direct the destiny of the people Palestinian, "a" patient "task, he said, that deserves" recognition ".

    He also recalled that Palestine has been a priority of Spanish cooperation, as well as the initiative of the Barcelona Process, whose heiress, the Union for the Mediterranean, has its headquarters in this city and is the only regional forum in which Palestinians participate. Israelis
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