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The Mueller Fishing Expedition
« on: November 30, 2018, 11:38:45 AM »
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  • Sean Hannity: The Mueller fishing expedition is desperate for dirt, any dirt on Trump

    Hannity: Mueller investigation desperate for dirt on Trump
    Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress about 'Moscow project.'
    The Mueller fishing expedition is now day 561 and now desperate for dirt, any dirt on Donald Trump. They are frenetic.
    They're going to the well. It was 70 hours Michael Cohen apparently spent with the special prosecutor. The president’s former attorney pled guilty to a charge of lying to Congress over something called “the Moscow project.”
    Now, Cohen is now claiming that the Trump organization continued to negotiate the finance by Russia, name lease of Trump deal of a potential building in Russia during the 2016 election.  He first said discussions ended in January of 2016. Now, he's saying they ended in June of 2016.
    The destroy Trump media, of course, used these anonymous sources, they are saying that Cohen, get this, allegedly told investigators he was negotiating a deal in Moscow to maybe give Vladimir Putin a $15 million penthouse in the proposed building project that Donald Trump wasn't paying for, so that rich Russian oligarchs would want to live there.
    And on Wednesday night our own John Roberts reported that a source close to the president says he called that idea “nuts.”  It would be a stupid idea.  And the president also said he had never heard of any such deal.
    And, by the way, this deal, guess what, it never, ever, ever happened.  The project never got off the ground.  No Trump organization investments were ever made and today, the Trump organization has no buildings in Russia.-- You wouldn't know it if you're watching the mainstream media.
    By the way, even if it had happened, and this is the most fascinating part, there's no crime here. None whatsoever.
    Donald Trump was a real estate mogul in New York, that's what he did his whole adult life and how he made a living.  And he invested in projects in many countries.
    By the way, doesn't every politician that gets paid with our money, don't they get paid when they are out campaigning for the next election by us?
    In 2017, this potential project was widely reported everywhere by just about every outlet.  Fake news CNN, ABC News, The Hill, almost every other news network.  In other words, we knew this.  This is not a story. It was not in any way a news story.
    It's been reported on extensively.  However, that doesn't matter to the left.  And it certainly didn't matter to Robert Mueller. He is more interested in making the mainstream media bubble and fizz like Alka-Seltzer in water and he is just desperate. All he wants to do every day is mention
    Russia in some way, indicting all these, you know, former KGB guys, all their intelligence people that he's never bringing to the United States ever, under any circumstances, just so he can mention Russia, fomenting breathless reporting, to give credit to its never-ending witch hunt.
    And, by the way, Robert Mueller is playing your media with their bias and hatred of Trump just like a fiddle. Here’s some of what’s being said on other cable channels:
    “It's Shakespearean because somebody who said he would take a bullet for Donald Trump is now pointing the gun at him”… “Michael Cohen could be the most -- single most terrifying person for Donald Trump, the single most destructive person for Donald Trump going forward.”  … “Today is the really good day for Donald Trump to resign, I really believe that.” … “The president's reaction to the news about Michael Cohen today was exactly what we as prosecutors always heard from mob bosses and drug kingpins, that is the cooperator is lying. He is just saying these things about me that aren't true to get a lighter sentence.  And so, this is kind of playing out exactly like a significant, complicated, organized crime prosecution would play out. … Everything is aiming at the president personally and that's got to be very unsettling for them.”
    So, the truth is putting aside all the conspiratorial reporting from people that say they're fair, balanced, objective  -- and they're not your mainstream media.  Even if Michael Cohen's time-line revelation was accurate.  Let's say it is, you know,
    Legal scholar Alan Dershowitz summed it up perfectly.  Here's what he said:
    “Almost all the indictments secured by Mueller have either been indictments of people lying that is for committing crimes that didn't occur before he was appointed but occurred as a result of his being appointed or finding financial misconduct by people that are unrelated to the president or unrelated to the Russia probe.  This new development with Cohen suggests that they're going to go after political issues, not just criminal issues.”
    Alan Dershowitz is dead on accurate.  And, by the way, he is just telling the truth.
    And whatever happened, maybe I'm old-fashioned but I kind of believed in attorney-client privilege. If Cohen was, in fact, working for the Trump organization as a lawyer, how can Mueller and Cohen break what is a pretty ethical mandate, especially when there's no crime?
    Now, of course, despite all of this, there's no evidence of Trump Russian collusion.  Nothing, zero.
    And on Wednesday night President Trump, he weighed in on the Cohen guilty verdict with some pretty harsh words:
    “He is lying about a project that everybody knew about.  I mean, we were very open with it. We are thinking about building a building. I decided ultimately not to do it.  There would've been nothing wrong if I did to it.  If I did do it, there would've been nothing wrong. … He is a weak person and not a very smart person.  He's got himself a big prison sentence and he is trying to get a much lesser prison sentence by making up a story.  … Now, here's the thing: even if he was right, [it] doesn't matter, because I was allowed to do whatever I wanted during the campaign.
    And, by the way, I call this the Sammy "The Bull" Gravano syndrome if you will, how prosecutors offered deals. Tell us this, and you get a get out of jail free card, or lower sentence, less sentence.
    Now, the president's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, he also weighed in.  He said, “Michael Cohen is lying.  It's no surprise that Cohen lied to Congress.  He is a proven liar who's doing everything he can to get out of a long-term prison sentence for serious crimes of bank and tax fraud that had nothing to do with the Trump Organization.”
    Look, I know Michael Cohen. He has a wonderful family.  I can't imagine the pressure that he is under.  I'm not going to pile on. He's got a lot of hard things that he is facing, but this is important.
    If this is Mueller's big witness, it is fair to ask, who are we to believe -- the Michael Cohen then or the Michael Cohen now? That's a fair question.
    This is just the latest example of what is Mueller's concerted effort to turn the screws on everyone who was ever associated with President Trump.
    Let's look at the list:
    Michael Flynn, no Russia collusion, he pled guilty to lying to investigators.  They ruined his life, he had to sell his house.  And they probably threatened his kid, too, is my guess.
    George Papadopoulos, he is spending two weeks in jail.  Nothing about Russia. Lying to investigators.  He now will have a felony on his track record forever.
    Paul Manafort had a book thrown over him.  Oh, let's see, financial crimes dating back to 2007? Bank loan applications, taxes, nothing Russian. Nothing. What's amazing is he got a cooperation deal that ended likely because, well, he wouldn't lie like Jerome Corsi wouldn't lie.
    Meaning he's -- think about this: Paul Manafort is willing to risk dying in prison than lie as the prosecutors would want.
    Jerome Corsi was on the show Wednesday night and on my radio show for a full hour Thursday afternoon rejecting another lying investigators plea deal.
    He might die in prison. He is 72-years-old. He could have gotten to get out of jail free card and now is under Mueller's microscope, potentially facing life in prison, dying in prison like Paul Manafort.
    And as he said on my radio show Thursday, he is willing to do that because he can't lie before his God.  That's what he said.  His faith won't let him.
    Roger Stone is also literally feeling the special counsel's wrath.
    Now, none of the men I just mentioned to you have pled guilty to or admitted to anything related to Russia collusion. There's no evidence of any Russia collusion.  None of them are being tried for any crimes related to collusion. Five hundred and sixty-one days of what?
    Now, here's the problem and this is where we get to the crux of the matter.  We have to analyze this deeply.
    What's happening is instead of seeking truth and justice, instead of applying our laws, equally applying our laws to everybody, equal justice under the law, what you are watching is a special counsel that has spun out-of-control, left way beyond his mandate, laying just perjury traps and literally trying to coerce people into what we call “testi-lying.”
    In other words, Mueller is telling people.  If you just say what we want…. I mean, Corsi gave me full detail on my radio show Thursday.  Look, there was this bargain. Just tell us. You won't even get probation.  You know, if not, you're going to die in jail.  That's the choice.
    And to think he is saying, I'm not going to lie, I won't lie.  I believe in God, Jesus. I'm not going to do it.
    It's a similar prosecutorial treatment that, remember, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano -- you may not remember the case, I'll remind you.  Killed at least, get this, that guy right there killed at least 19 people.  He got off on no jail time. Then he just had to literally testify against John Gotti.
    And then after that, he was rewarded.  Not only did he not go to jail, he was in the witness protection program when he got a nice new house in Arizona. Isn't that nice?  Nineteen people. No time in jail.
    Meanwhile, if you are not a notorious gangster or a Trump ally, the wheels of justice are turning much differently.  Mueller's team collects lies to investigators, guilty pleas like they're going out of style.
    They can't get to the underlying crime or these people to say things that they don't believe to be true.
    Top Democrats, deep state bureaucrats, they lie to get away scot-free.  I've got the list.
    Look at the longtime Clinton aide, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, she blatantly lied when they told investigators that they had no knowledge of Hillary's private emails.  Really?  Because they actually emailed there.
    Our friend and reporter here on the Fox News Channel, Catherine Herridge reported that either DOJ official Bruce Ohr or Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson likely lied due to their contradictory testimony.
    Dirty dossier author Christopher Steele, not only did he lie, he lied and leaked and was fired by the FBI. And then guess what? He was working still with Bruce Ohr, the fourth most powerful guy at the Justice Department, and now we have notes that show that he was trying to feed Bruce Ohr, whose wife Nellie worked for Fusion GPS, information that he was trying to feed Robert Mueller.  And meanwhile, remember, Steele doesn't even stand by his own dossier when challenged in an interrogation in Great Britain.
    James Clapper, let's go to the videotape.  He lied under oath about national surveillance programs.  So, too, John Brennan.
    He also lied under oath about leaking.
    James Comey lied under oath when he said the report about the Clinton investigation and not been written before she was interviewed lie.
    Comey's second-in-command, Andrew McCabe, he was actually fired because of his pattern of lying.
    Where are the federal cases against these liars?  Against these people lying to Congress? Instead, what, we are pushing for charges, fired FBI Director Comey actually defended the DOJ's pattern of lying on the view, literally saying, I lied. McCabe lied, but you can still be a good person if you lie.
    Well, unless you're a Republican, then they're going to put you in jail.
    Remember Comey’s interview with Meghan McCain on “The View”?
    MEGHAN MCCAIN, THE VIEW:  Your second in command, McCabe, was fired for lying multiple times within the FBI.  You defended his character on
    Twitter.  That's OK.  Lying is OK internally?
    JAMES COMEY, FORMER FBI DIRECTOR:  No, it's definitely not.  In fact, the McCabe case illustrates what an organization that is committed to the truth looks like.  We investigated to hold -- I ordered that investigation.  We investigated and hold people accountable.
    Good people lie. I laid [that] out on the book, I think I'm a good person, where I have lied. I still believe Andrew McCabe is a good person. But the inspector general found that he lied and there are severe consequences in the Justice Department for lying as they should be throughout the government.
    Good people, they lie.  The only problem is, they're not giving Mueller what he wants, oh, then you're going to be charged with perjury.  It's what I've been telling you.
    You want real Russia collusion, we got it with all the evidence that Mueller doesn't have anything.
    We've got the fixed email investigation, violation of the Espionage Act, the biggest obstruction of justice case I've ever seen, the dirty dossier bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.
    Why? To lie to voters and convince voters of Russian hookers urinating in Trump's bed in Moscow so that they won't vote for him.
    I wonder how many Americans didn't vote for Trump because of that leaked lie, that paid for the lie.
    The FISA fraud abuse, lying to FISA judges, literally a FISA fraud extravaganza.  And, of course, omissions that don't even tell the judges that Hillary paid for it.  And then we got insurance policies, leaking policies. Is Robert Mueller even going to ever look in that direction? I thought we were looking for the truth, for real Russia collusion.  We've got evidence on all of this and it's a slam-dunk case.
    Why is he not?  Because there's one set of rules in this country now for one group of Americans, the swamp creatures, or if you are a liberal Democrat or your name is Clinton.  Another set of rules for everyone else.
    Try this at home. You are subpoenaed, you delete the email that was subpoenaed, you acid wash your hard drive. You have your devices busted and you have SIM cards taken out.  Good luck to you.  It's not going to work.
    In other words, we don't have equal application of the law, equal justice under the law. This is a two-tier justice system.
    You as an American, every American reading this right now, it should scare the hell out of you.
    If the president of the United States and those who surround him are subject to what is now clearly a double standard political persecution, nobody in this country is safe. Nobody.
    This is the United States of America. We're not a banana republic. At least we're not supposed to be. This is not how our constitutional republic and system of justice is supposed to work.
    We can do better, we better do better. We better demand better.
    Adapted from Sean Hannity's monologue on "Hannity" on November 29, 2018.
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    Re: The Mueller Fishing Expedition
    « Reply #1 on: November 30, 2018, 11:40:31 AM »
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  • The pattern and purpose of Mueller’s investigation and the endgame is becoming clear, and yes, it’s clearly get the president at all costs. The team Mueller hired really foretold the story — Andrew Weissmann as the stop-at-nothing pit bull and a group of Democratic-leaning lawyers, including some who have represented the Clintons, had the obstruction of justice charge ready to go on day one.
    Trump’s first team of lawyers with their “don’t worry and cooperate” strategy set the president back, and let the whole thing spiral out of control.
    The investigation, I believe, has come up truly empty on its central charge related to the president — collusion with the Russian government. They are now trying to find someone, anyone who had any contact with Julian Assange with the aim of calling that collusion-lite.
    But mostly what Mueller’s team is doing is bludgeoning witnesses on unrelated charges to piece together a case against the president. They are shaping that case through the indictments -- and threats of indictments -- that are being used to get guilty pleas to make the president seem like an obstructor or co-conspirator. They are literally creating the crimes.
    Let’s review what Mueller and his team are doing:
    Michael Flynn — They discovered unreported lobbying by Trump's former National Security Adviser and leveraged that to get him to plead guilty to lying to the FBI. Why? So that they can claim Trump’s comment to James Comey about letting him go was obstruction of justice. Yet no other prosecutor would ever have brought this charge.
    Michael Cohen — They got Trump’s former lawyer on all sorts of financial crimes related to his businesses and loans. But he pled guilty to campaign finance violations for payments that in the past would have been ruled on as personal expenses. Now they’ve also gotten him to cop to lying about when he killed the perfectly legal Russia tower project, only it appears that Trump’s lawyers ducked that perjury trap in the written questions.
    George Papadopoulos— The former member of  Trump’s foreign policy advisory panel was forced to plead to lying about the timing of his contacts. The goal was to legitimize the start of the investigation around him when all he did was pass on a surmise or a tip he received. Was the time and expense worth a 14-day sentence? Of course not. They had all the records they needed to figure out who he contacted when.
    Jerome Corsi – The best-selling author was threatened with pleading to lying about his contacts with his friend and former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone. There was nothing illegal about his comments or actions, and he is a journalist, though obviously, the general rules of journalism don’t apply to conservatives like him.
    Roger Stone -- The former Trump campaign adviser sent out a tweet suggesting Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta was next, and an email to Corsi asking him to get the rest of the emails. He was obviously trying to find out what was going on with these emails, and that’s not illegal in any way.
    Paul Manafort – The former Trump presidential campaign chairman’s old tax and reporting cases going far back were dusted off to get him under the thumb of the prosecutor. It was revealed that he continued a joint defense agreement with the president and suddenly the prosecutor is saying he lied about his business dealings. It’s all about vengeance on him for failing to give them what they want and to make Trump look bad.
    Sure, there are some anonymous Russians who will never be tried to add on top of this record. But it’s clear now Mueller is no longer looking for crimes in the presidential race of 2016. He is simply creating a narrative to delegitimize the president and to string together his words to Comey with the Flynn indictment, Cohen with Stormy Daniels payment, Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi with ties to Julian Assange, and now Cohen with underplaying Russia connections. And let’s not forget the Trump Tower meeting with the attorney who was also conveniently working with Fusion GPS.
    There’s no doubt that the outline of Mueller’s report was written a long time ago and is being filled in. For those who thought Mueller would deliver a balanced and thoughtful report, these latest actions suggest that instead, we are seeing an all-out attack on the president and the presidency the likes of which we have never seen.
    Get ready for the fight of the century coming soon and it will be about everything except collusion with the Russian government.
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