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Author Topic: The Fate of America Lies in the Hands of this Most Unlikely Group  (Read 411 times)

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  • The Fate of America Lies in the Hands of This Most Unlikely Group

    We are now living in a world that can be characterized as the Irresistible force vs the immovable object. Who will win the conflict vs the New World Order or the New World Populism? Globalism vs nationalism. God vs Satan. But it will likely be the slugs that decide America;s fate.
    They call it the “Red Neck Riots”. The Pentagon is preparing for the take down of President Trump and the probable backlash of rioters in the street. President Trump will soon be indicted and convicted, by an Obama-appointed judge for misuse of campaign funds. The Senate will be bypassed in what should be an impeachment vote. However, the intent is to place the President in jail and this will accomplish the same thing as an impeachment trial and a conviction. This is the means to bypass a Republican controlled Senate that would not likely vote for an impeachment conviction
    The Numbers Breakdown
    Politically, the country can be divided into three major groups that I call the liberals, the conservatives and the slugs. Many estimates break the country down into the following allegiances by percentage that are listed in the following paragraphs.
    The Liberals
    Liberal supporting (20%)- These people are often the bottom level of society. They want something for nothing. They are lazy and expect the government to take care of them. Or, they are the young and the thought of not starting at the bottom and that they are entitled to share in the successes and profits of the very rich, who have earned their way, is appealing. Liberalism is something that appeals to most 20-year-olds. However, when these essentially lazy people reach 40 and have a family to support, they realize that they cannot afford to support the phony ideals of liberalism. At this point many of the liberals become decidedly more conservative because they see through the wealth redistribution strategies of the globalists who use liberalism to get the poor and the young to do their bidding through Marxist types revolutions. Antifa, Black Lives Matter,, ACLU, the American Communist Party and the Muslim Brotherhood are just a few of the groups that are dedicated to this ideal. Their followers resort to violent Marxist tactics for change.  Yet, as history shows, these foot soldiers of the Marxist revolutions never reap the benefits of their revolutionary activities. They are pawns for the globalists who see power and wealth redistribution over the masses of people who actually work for a living. The rule of law is a foreign concept for these people. These ideas are firmly rooted in the Democratic Party. This is why we are living in a post-Constitutional period of lawlessness. And this explains why the President can be taken out of office based on the whim of Robert Mueller and friends. By the way, you will never hear this group invoke the name of Jesus for very obvious reasons. Satan yes, Jesus no!
    The Conservatives
    Conservative Americans, mostly Christians (30%). These people see the value in law and order and realize that the Ten Commandments form the basis of our legal code in the United States. These people are predominantly practicing Christians to various degrees. Mostly, they are educated and are reaping the benefits of being educated and working hard. They believe in the rule of law and the traditional conservative tenets of American society. Many of the political analyses state that about half of this group would actively defend the Constitution and the American way of life should it be threatened. Going by these numbers, if Trump were to be illegally removed as President, about 15% of the country would take to the streets and absolute mayhem would commence. This group would be well armed and focused on carrying out a counter-coup against the Deep State and their globalist masters. This is why if the present set of Democrats ever gain control of the country (eg Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Warren, Harris, Booker, Ocasio Cortez, Obama, Clinton, et al. Because of their belief in Jesus and the Christain Work Ethic, these people will be targeted for elimination should the liberal gain total control of the power mechanisms in this country. Obama’s mentor, Bill Ayers, the former head of the Weathermen Underground, stated that 50 million Americans would have to be sent to re-education camps and over half would have to be murdered by their liberal masters. Therefore, it is not a stretch for conservatives to state that they are not only fighting for their culture and their religion, they are fighting for the right to exist. Extermination with extreme prejudice is a real possibility and it could happen as soon as 2020. Therefore, most of the people reading these words have been targeted for elimination. Why do you think that Google and the NSA are tracking every communication that you have. It has already been determined who is on the Red/Blue Lists.
    The Slugs
    These people make up the majority of the  American society. For the most part, they live in ignorant bliss. Some are part-time Christians and they do the title a disservice. Some are hopelessly hedonistic. Most simply live their lives to get to Friday. They have no long-term goals, they have few skills and their talents are under-developed. They frequently shape their lives according the latest fad. They are brainwashed by media double speak. They buy into the self-indulgent debt mentality. They hate their jobs. These are the people that Henry David Thoreau said lead lives of quiet desperation. These people are the targets of CNN propaganda. When the civil war comes, these people will be needed because they will provide the muscle behind any revolution, or counter-revolution because of their numbers. Snopes fact checking (lol) service was created to keep these people and their belief systems in line.
    These slugs should be the object of our dissemination of information. These people could decide the immediate future of the United States.  The prime directive of every conservative is the win the hearts and minds of the slugs. Their numbers are needed if conservatism is to survive.
    Why Is Trump Being Taken From Office?
    The formal allegation, and it will be levied from Loretta Lynch’s old stomping grounds, the Eastern Division of New York. The President will be tried and convicted of misuse of campaign funds and because he did not disclose this supposed legal violation, they will tack on obstruction as another charge.
    One should keep in mind that Obama was guilty of the same allegation involving 2 million dollars. Obama was forced to pay a $400,000 fine but his Presidency was never threatened.
    It should also be mentioned that Hillary Clinton spent her entire four years as Secretary of State gathering funds for her run for the Presidency. Her pay for play that went directly to the Clinton Foundation was transferred into campaign funds. This involved hundreds of millions of dollars. Let’s not forget her profits from Uranium One in these significant profits, derived from the treasonous act of selling highly enriched uranium to the Russians, ended up in her political campaign.
    Trump allegedly spent $284,000 to silence two women that he allegedly had sexual encounters with. Even if this true, compare this action to Obama and Clinton. But remember, we live in post-constitutional era where the rule of law is absent from the American legal landscape. This action being taken by the Eastern Division is stop gap measure to the intended assassination of Trump. Either way, he leaves office.
    Of course, there is the reason and there is the real reason. Trump represents nationalism and self-determination. The globalists demand complete capitulation and your rights will consist of what the globalists say they are. This is the real reason that we are witnessing the take down of the government and culture of the United States.
    When Trump is taken out of office, there will be a civil war accompanied by the biggest purge in world history. The slugs will turn the balance of power.
    Do I think we should fight to save Trump? Without question, however, we need to be also fighting to spread the word of the dangers that lie before us. The winners of the coming civil war will likely be the side that convinces the slugs that they are right and the other side poses a grave threat. Therefore, if you want to start ensuring your future survival and preserving what is left of America, you best get to work convincing as many people as possible, from the slugs, that their lives and the lives of their family members are at stake and that the real possibility of genocide lies in the future of those that will not submit to global tyranny. It is already 5 minutes past midnight, you are fighting to turn back the clock.


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    Re: The Fate of America Lies in the Hands of this Most Unlikely Group
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  • Since the 1960's, we have been living a time where the Catholic Church could have picked up the world from the vacuum that the New World Order created in all "religions", but instead the Catholic Church was also taken over by the NWO. While the Vatican II church continues in power, all we have is Nationalism and the Trumps.

    Trust in God, for He is in control. The ONLY solution is for Catholics to once again LIVE as Catholics.

    Theodore Roosevelt when he paid a visit to South America at the turn of the 20th century said: “While these countries remain Catholic,” he said, “we will not be able to dominate them.”
    Put another way, as long as the people are fallen away Cathoics, CINO’s, Protestants, pagans, athiests, and Marxists, they can be easily dominated. As is the case today.
    The Vatican II church - Assisting Souls to Hell Since 1962

    For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect. Mat 24:24

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    Re: The Fate of America Lies in the Hands of this Most Unlikely Group
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  • My motto for my family is:

    Let the world be the world and let us be Catholics.


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