Author Topic: THE “CASSANDRA PROPHECY”: Everything Changes After Election Day 2020  (Read 206 times)

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THE “CASSANDRA PROPHECY”: Everything Changes After Election Day 2020

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Re: THE “CASSANDRA PROPHECY”: Everything Changes After Election Day 2020
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  • The conclusions that the linked article arrives at are at least worth pondering. Unfortunately, before getting to those conclusions, one must try to avoid tripping over some pretty shaky speculations that rise up like boulders along the way.

    One thing in the piece strikes me as possibly very harmful, both intellectually and morally: the ridiculously prominent citation of an alleged Ciceronian quote that I spotted as a phony when I first saw it more than twenty years ago and that has been correctly sourced, since at least 2010, not to the great Roman thinker and writer but instead to the cheesy, once-popular novelist Taylor Caldwell.*

    It is tremendously important for writers who draw attention to Jewish perfidy and deceit to hold to the highest rhetorical standards. Our side has facts and truth at its disposal, but to dilute facts with fictions and careless misrepresentations is to hand the miscreants a weapon that they will certainly use to further limit the already slight influence of any and all contrarian arguments and articles. Those who control the narrative have spared no effort or expense in training their audience to react with acute skepticism to any outlook that fails to conform to regnant conventions of thought. A single fabricated quotation thus has the potential to undermine ten pages' worth of otherwise sound presentation.

    *Specifically, to a wretched historical novel cum fictionalized biography of Cicero called Pillar of Iron.


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