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Author Topic: The 10 Top Shocking Fake News Reports of 2018  (Read 140 times)

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The 10 Top Shocking Fake News Reports of 2018
« on: December 29, 2018, 09:49:03 PM »
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    • CNN’s Chris Cuomo alleged via Twitter that a 20-year-old purchased a firearm within minutes. The only issue is that the kid never purchased a rifle; he only posed in a picture with it.
    • When First Lady Melania Trump underwent surgery, CNN claimed that she was really “missing.”
    • CNN pushed the conspiracy theory that President Trump knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting which occurred between his eldest son, son-in-law, former campaign manager, and a Russian lawyer. The source of this claim turned out to be Lanny Davis, Cohen’s attorney who later retracted his claims.
    • The now inoperative Mic stated that a Russian spy was purposefully allowed inside of the Oval Office. Upon further investigations, it was determined that the so-called Russian spy was actually an NSC employee.
    • NPR confuses dates on critical transcripts pertaining to Donald Trump Jr.’s alleged statements about a Moscow business deal.
    • Media promotes Julie Swetnick’s sexual assault allegations against current Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The allegations were later discovered to be untrue.
    • NBC News admitted to having an awareness of “inconsistencies” regarding Swetnick’s account, yet did nothing.
    • Media claimed that Border Patrol agents murdered a young migrant girl when in actuality, the girl died due to a lack of nourishment.
    • New York Times alleges that Nikki Haley spent $53,000 on curtains in her office. Later, Americans learned that approval for the aforementioned purchase came from the Obama administration in 2016.
    • MSNBC confuses Brenda Snipes as a “closeted Republican.”
    The Obligations of the Media
    At this point, it’s more than obvious that the media has had blunder after blunder when it comes to fair and accurate coverage. Perhaps their jobs of fair and unbiased reporting would be slightly less challenging if they weren’t so determined to stick it to President Trump and other Republicans. It’ll be interesting to see how the media does in 2019.

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