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Author Topic: Soup Kitchen Rock Roll  (Read 573 times)

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Soup Kitchen Rock Roll
« on: July 13, 2013, 10:35:46 AM »
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  • My brother gives the St. Malachy prophecy weight and believes this "Pope Francis" could be "Peter the Roman, the shepherd who destroys his church: the last Pope." etc.

    I am sede-privationist at this point.

    What are they doing over there at the V2 show? "Soup Kitchen Rock & Roll"? Is "Pope Francis" a soup kitchen rock and roll star or what?

    Should he have a TV gig with Lindsay Lohan and Oprah as well as run around kissing Muslims' and atheists' jailbirds' feet here and there like he does?

    Let the Third World horde and the Jewish bankers come live on top of him.

    What is up with the Vatican II soup kitchen rock and roll stars? Are they not getting a little old? Do they wear that much better than Elvis impersonators?

    "Pope Francis" decries "anti-Semitism", of course, but who does he think is running the international Judeo-Masonic finance behind the NWO and the enemies of Western Civilization and the Church anyway?

    Does he really think NASA landed on the Moon and Mars, and the earth is flying around at impossible multiple astronomical speeds at once to orbit the sun and be a heretic? Does he not know 9-11 was a total demolition Inside Job, for example? Does he not know who Larry Silverstein is and that he is a Jew?

    Is "Pope Francis" on drugs or is he an idiot?

    Does he not understand or know about the Jews' role in the twenitieth century social and religious catastrophes and the Freemasonic revolutions across Europe, America, and in the Church?

    If he liked the public bus so much back in Argentina and the soup kitchen run around, should he not have just become a bus driver in Buenos Aires and left it at that? What would have been better for his poor soul? He could have had soup and crackers in Argentina and driven the bus, no?

    Si, si, si ...

    He asks for people to pray for him. I'll pray for him all right.

    --- The Yid and his bank are now reigning over everything: over Europe, education, civilization, socialism - especially socialism, for he will use it to uproot Christianity and destroy its civilization. And when nothing but anarchy remains, the Yid will be in command of everything. For while he goes about preaching socialism, he will stick together with his own, and after all the riches of Europe will have been wasted, the Yid's bank will still be there. The Antichrist will come and stand over the anarchy. ---

    - Dostoyevsky, 1877



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