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Author Topic: Send this to any Obama-supporters  (Read 934 times)

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Send this to any Obama-supporters
« on: November 02, 2008, 02:01:55 PM »
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  • Obama is too far to the left on the issue of Abortion.

    He wants to remove ALL restrictions the states have placed on abortion. He has promised Planned Parenthood that is the "first thing he'll do" after assuming office.

    He is against caring for babies who survive an abortion, and he supports partial-birth abortion, where the baby is half-delivered so his brains can be vacuumed out.
    Over 70% of the country is against partial-birth abortion -- but not Obama.

    35% of babies who die by abortion are black. (Check my facts if you don't believe me) -- so Obama hates the black race as well.

    If life is meaningless, what does it matter how much we are taxed?  Taxes are a fine issue for another campaign, perhaps. But issues exist within a heirarchy -- life HAS TO come first.

    If Obama could let a poor, almost-aborted baby die on a trash heap, what makes you think he cares about anything or anyone? He's a monster of the first order. With no humanity left, such a man is capable of ANY evil. Do you think he wouldn't send your sons and daughters off to war, if he is willing to see them slaughtered in the womb? Think about it!

    I'm no fan of McCain, but at least he won't drive this country further into barbarism.

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