Author Topic: PC is killing the Church (& country)  (Read 171 times)

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PC is killing the Church (& country)
« on: November 27, 2017, 03:35:56 PM »
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  • PC is killing the Church (& country)


    It is human nature to care what your neighbor thinks of you


    (neighbor meaning: anyone you happen to be around or affiliated with in any way, etc at any given time in your life).


    But this is getting ridiculous.


    Catholics (so called) hear their liberal neighbors saying women have a right to abortion (which objectively translated means: the right to kill your children if you “don't want them”... but people always tend to think “abortion” is somehow something less than that).


    So these fake, wimpy, love-Jesus-only-when-it's-convenient-(if then) “Catholics” say “That sounds reasonable (choice sounds so reasonable, doesn't it [except the child gets no choice but Oh well...]) and besides, we can't have a theocracy now, can we? So I am going to vote for the Dem candidate bc even though s/he is pro-abortion and the Church says abortion is evil, well, poverty is equally evil and the D candidate believes in helping the poor [and/or.. fill-in-the-blanks group] so...”


    Geeze. Get outa here.


    The joke is on them, bc anyone who does not care about “the least of these” who resides in the womb (helpless, innocent, never-did-anything-wrong CHILDREN)... I mean, come on! How likely is it that that person gives a rip what happens to a person outside the womb? 




    Answer: not very


    Then there's this thought:

    God once had a theocracy in Israel (King David, etc). We could use some kind of  virtual theocracy, it seems.


    So anyway, this is how PC is killing the Church. I am sure others have their own examples/stories.


    [Also, vis a vis Democrat policies helping the poor??!! Ha ha.. That is really comical (or would be if..).


    The Ds only “help” the poor to be—and STAY—dependent on them. That way, they will always be assured of their votes:  “Let's give the poor (this and that.. crumb from our table) and they will always vote for us! It's just a few dollars from the taxpayer's checks anyway... won't affect OUR [Congress's] checks one bit.”


    Poor people need to wake up to what is going on... 


    Maybe they kind of did this last election? Anyhow...


    I am thankful we have a president who does not care about being PC







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