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Moving Towards One Party Rule
« on: March 06, 2021, 02:07:00 PM »
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  • House Democrats Pass Voting Rights Bill That Could Crush ɛƖɛctıon Integrity

    House Democrats passed a new “voting rights” bill this week called H.R. 1, dubbed the For the People Act. The legislation would add automatic voter registration and other reforms, including changes to campaign finance.
    Bills like this always sound nice on paper. It’s very easy for proponents and pundits to claim anyone who opposes them to be “anti-democracy” or some other nonsense. The irony is that a bill like this is about as anti-democratic as it’s possible to be.
    Conservatives have spoken out about outrageous reforms included in the 800-page bill, which does the following:
    • Creates new national automatic voter registration that asks voters to opt out rather than opt in, ensuring more people will be signed up to vote. Requires chief state ɛƖɛctıon officials to automatically register eligible unregistered citizens.
    • Requires each state to put online options for voter registration, correction, cancellation, or designating party affiliation.
    • Requires at least 15 consecutive days of early voting for federal ɛƖɛctıons; early voting sites would be open for at least 10 hours per day. The bill also prohibits states from restricting a person’s ability to vote by mail, and requires states to prepay postage on return envelopes for mail-in voting.
    • Establish independent redistricting commissions in states as a way to draw new congressional districts and end partisan gerrymandering in federal ɛƖɛctıons.
    • Prohibits voter roll purging and bans the use of non-forwardable mail being used as a way to remove voters from rolls.
    • Restores voting rights to people convicted of felonies who have completed their sentences; however, the bill doesn’t restore rights to felons currently serving sentences in a correctional facility.
    Another change would include the Disclose Act, a mandate that would require super PACs to make their donors public.
    The Alliance Defending Freedom, a religious freedom non-profit organization, stated, “The bill intrudes upon the private financial decisions made by everyday citizens, subjecting them to harassment and intimidation simply for giving to causes they care about.”
    There’s right. Just the Disclose Act portion of the bill would bring great potential harm to many Americans. Why? Let’s say you want to fund your favorite candidate with a donation through a super PAC. Under the new provision, your donation and name would be made public, making you a personal target of the radical left.
    Of course, the change also marks a clear invasion to privacy. But if you’re a Democrat, it doesn’t seem to matter. The whole circus act has been wired to benefit future Democrats in ɛƖɛctıons, right down to using online tools to automatically make everyone a voter (almost) and making it nearly impossible to discount votes in future ɛƖɛctıons.
    One clear mark of a cheater is that if he or she doesn’t like the rules, they change the rules. House Democrats are clearly attempting to change future ɛƖɛctıon laws in their favor, making it more difficult for law-abiding conservative Americans to elect representing in a fair vote.
    Also notice what isn’t in the act. A simple requirement to provide a photo ID. Conservatives just want to make sure every person voting is the person whose name is on the ballot. The left is ready to create 800 pages of new rules to make sure their way become the way.ɛƖɛctıon-integrity/


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