Author Topic: Kamala Harris' lie about school busing  (Read 148 times)

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Kamala Harris' lie about school busing
« on: July 10, 2019, 02:52:27 AM »
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  • Busing: That Little Jew Was Me
    by David Cole
    July 09, 2019

    “That little girl was me,” declared mocha madwoman Kamala Harris during the first debate of the Kallikak Party candidates, as she “devastated” Joe Biden by making the killer point that she’d been among the first of her kind in her city to “integrate” a school via busing ...

    Biden, back in the days before his brush with a cancerous tumor (by which I mean Obama), was vehemently anti-busing. As was I, because in 1978, the bus was a-comin’ for me.

    My parents bought a house in a quaint little L.A. Westside neighborhood specifically because there was a school nearby. I’ve always despised mornings, and my mom knew that the best way to get me to go to school hassle-free was if I could sleep in as late as possible each morning. ...

    In April 1974, in his report to Judge William Doyle of the U.S. Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit, Finger offered the following rosy defense of his scheme:
    Despite the widespread opposition to busing, there is no evidence that it hurts anybody. The facts are that many children enjoy it. Others view it as just a thing one does like driving to work in one’s car. One just does it. Some children don’t like it, but that usually is because the bus is unsupervised and the children are teased or assaulted.
    “There is no evidence that it hurts anybody.” Except for those “assaults” on the bus. “Some children” apparently don’t like being assaulted.  ...

    to read the complete story.

    I was bused to school.
    It made me sick due to the filthy black fumes.
    Thus I caught colds and the flu more often.
    Children around me were sick too. It was not healthy, physically, mentally, or spiritually,
    A lot of the children had foul mouths, or worse, they carried their boom boxes.
    One cannot pray in that kind of environment with cuss words or filthy music lyrics.
    Far worse -- girls sat on guy's laps. Guys were egged on to do worse things.
    Temptation alley. No chaperones. Parents never knew the dangers.
    One hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon of wasted time.

    It was a waste of time that I could have used to do homework or study at the library.
    The next year, fortunately, I was able to switch to another school close by.
    Lord have mercy.


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