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Author Topic: jack kerouac w/ william f buckley  (Read 121 times)

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jack kerouac w/ william f buckley
« on: January 22, 2022, 06:46:27 AM »
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  • I'm not promoting Kerouac.  Nor Buckley, whose affected accent and small, weird mouth annoy me, almost as much as his proto-neocon positions.  So let's get that out of the way.  Normally I wouldn't bother myself with anything about Jack Kerouac.  The last time I ever gave him a thought was 20 years ago when listening to a short rhyme William Burroughs called Ode to Jack Kerouac:
    "4 dogs went out, and only 1 came back
    2 were killed by guineaworm,
    and 1 was killed by you, Jack Kerouac.
    Jack liked to run over dogs, it was the damndest thing."

    Well, a lady on Gab posted the following video accompanied by her opinion which I found interesting. In the interview Kerouac laments the communists, Ginsburg, feminists etc.  His life seems to be what happens when one knows the Lord, but has given themselves over to despair over the world and the confusion that comes from alcoholism.  Jack appears to have abandoned and regretted much of his syncretic paganism of his youth.  In this interview he was well into his 40s.
    Gab poster Maureen Brody (who liked my reposting of Defeat Modernism's video The New Mass vs Protestant Rites (A History of the Destruction of the Mass by Bishops & Priests)) :
    "If you don’t know about Jack Kerouac, I encourage you to meet him. He knew the Faith and drank himself to death over the demise of civilization and lived love. He died searching for it in real life. Pray for his soul. Plus you will hear about noxious feminism from a hippie."

    “If you create chaos, you can then become the commissar of the chaos.” Kerouac

    please pray for me