Author Topic: It's a man's world.. Protestant one also...  (Read 144 times)

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It's a man's world.. Protestant one also...
« on: March 05, 2018, 11:00:02 AM »
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  • It's still a man's world and always will be despite "woman's lib"

    which had a lot of valid points (still does) but went too far when they spread the falsity that women cannot fulfill themselves "just being" a mother

    when they advocated murder in the womb

    And it is still a Protestant world also... which .. Hey, b4 I forget, one reason I can somewhat u/stand the anti-Jew stuff is this: Jews have no problem belonging to secret, Church-destroying societies bc... they do not accept Christ... so... yeh...

    But that is no reason to hate Jews

    Anyway, where was I? Protestants should not rule in the US to the extent that they do. A lot of Protestants have just the most distorted view of Catholicism.. Most of them do, IMO. Hasn't that been YOUR experience also, that they do not have a clue about true Catholicism? And the Vatican seems to maybe realize this and is responding in the worst wa possible... by seeming to kowtow to Protestants so as to get them to.. better understand them?

    it is not working IMO

    Most Republicans are protestant Christians... and so that is why I am concerned


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