Author Topic: Texas' 6'-7" Big Dan Rodimer for Congress  (Read 128 times)

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Texas' 6'-7" Big Dan Rodimer for Congress
« on: March 26, 2021, 04:36:31 AM »
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    Dan Rodimer is a former WWE wrestler who is running for Congress in Texas.
    In one of his new ads, he takes aim at Nancy Peℓσѕι and Democrats in Washington, DC and refers to them as ‘commies’ who are ruining America.

    If he keeps this up, his chances should be pretty good.

    'They’re Laughing At Us’: Texas Congressional Candidate Slams ‘Commies In DC’ For ‘Ruining America’

    Republican Texas Congressional candidate Dan Rodimer slammed the “commies in D.C.” for “ruining America” in a new advertisement produced by Arsenal mєdια Group.

    Rodimer, a former professional wrestler from Las Vegas, was a surprise last-minute entry in the competitive special ɛƖɛctıon to replace the late Republican Texas Rep. Ron Wright. The special ɛƖɛctıon has 22 other candidates including Wright’s widow, and Rodimer could be a formidable candidate in the crowded field given the fact that he raised more than $3 million when he ran for Congress in Nevada in 2020, Politico reported.

    “Texas has big problems,” the six-foot-seven former professional wrestler says in the advertisement. “We need a big fighter to solve those problems.”

    “The commies in D.C. are ruining America,” Rodimer continues. “We have a big problem … I know how to handle Nancy Peℓσѕι and stop her bullsh*t.”
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