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someone here at the forum said that Trump shouldn't be president (I use my own paraphrase of the poster) bc he has been married 3 times and sets a very bad example for young people (his past)

There were other things the poster(s) talked about but I have to go back and read my notes re that..

I find this notion absurd. It makes absolutely NO provision for the possibility that Trump may have actually Changed! Repented...

This is troubling bc Christianity is all about... what? Repentance. It is all about being absolved from our sins.

So then this poster mentioned that T and Melania are not legitimately married bc she was not free, as a Catholic, to marry him since he had already been married. Well, that neglects to take into account that Melania may not have KNOWN that? I mean, I don't know about y'all, but I don't have a single clue just "how Catholic" the 1st lady is.. no clue whatsoever. I do have other projects and interests beside this kind of thing going on in my life so haven't investigated it and don't feel guilty for that oversight at all. 

so yeh... we Catholics need to be a little more circumspect in our commentary.

It would seem to me that in light of Catholic teaching vis a vis marriage, whatever looks like a marriage is indeed a marriage until proven otherwise.. Yes, we know that it likely isn't but...

anyway, I am not a canon lawyer so if you (reader) are, i am sure you will correct me


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