Author Topic: Christian Revival Necessary to Save Europe, Says Viktor Orban  (Read 84 times)

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Christian Revival Necessary to Save Europe, Says Viktor Orban
« on: December 09, 2019, 04:27:03 PM »
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  • Christian Revival Necessary To Save Europe, Says Hungary’s Viktor Orban
    December 8, 2019


    by Kris Malysz
    The only way for Europe to be saved is if it returns “to the source of its real values: its Christian identity,” declared Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban a few days ago.
    He made the statement during his speech at the second International Conference on Christian Persecution, held in Budapest from the 26th to the 28th.
    Speaking in reverent terms, Orban delved into his nation’s history to argue that their conversion to Christianity was the “the key to our survival,” and that “this legacy obliges us to protect Christian communities persecuted across the world as far as we are able.”
    To that end, the prime minister touted the “Hungary Helps” program, started by the state in 2017, which provides aid to persecuted Christians around the world. This is not done through multinational intermediaries like the UN or NGOs, but by direct relationships between the Hungarian government and Christian communities. As of April 2019, “Hungary Helps” has distributed over $26 million.
    Describing the program, Orban said: “We are giving persecuted Christians what they need: homes, hospitals, and schools,” and stated that his hope was to “receive in return what Europe needs most: a Christian faith, love and perseverance.”
    He also called attention to the institutional discrimination Christians face in the West, particularly from their own political class, observing that “a mysterious force shuts the mouths of European politicians and cripples their arms,” with the result that “Christians are not allowed to be mentioned on their own, only together with other groups.”
    Emphasizing the inextricably intertwined history of Christianity and Europe, Orban connected this attack to the other problems of “replacement of the population, immigration, stigmatization, insults and the muzzle of political correctness.”
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