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« on: February 27, 2019, 11:42:46 PM »
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  • President Rodrigo Duterte has not let up on his attacks against the Catholic church, saying Monday that Catholicism will disappear in 25 years because of the clergy's alleged abuses.
    "Itong Katoliko na ito, will disappear. In almost 25 years wala na 'yan. Hindi na makalimutan ng tao 'yan," Duterte said in his speech Sunday.
    [Translation: This Catholic will disappear. In almost 25 years, it will disappear. No more, people will forget it.]
    Duterte said this will be the result of the church's alleged malpractices and a string of sexual abuse allegations it faces.
    "'Pag inabot ng libog, (inaabuso ang mga) madre. Kung mga bakla, ***, mga bata. Who needs a religion like that?" he said.
    [Translation:When they are aroused, they abuse nuns. If they're gay, they go to children. Who needs a religion like that?]
    The President and the church have been at odds over his tirades against the institution. Duterte has previously said he criticizes the church to push limits and "shake the tree."

    Duterte says that the Catholic Church will disappear in 25 years. I wonder where he will be in 25 years?


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