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Author Topic: Biden Kneels Before Israeli President; Pledges Unconditional Support to Israel  (Read 180 times)

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Biden Kneels Before Israeli President; Pledges Unconditional Support to Israel
Published: July 5, 2021
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Source: Chris Menahan, Information Liberation

President Joe Biden dropped to his knees during a meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin last Monday at the White House.

President Rivlin and his chief of staff Rivka Ravitz could be seen laughing at Biden during the humiliating display.

סוף סוף משהו שעונה באמת להגדרה של קידוש ה׳. הנשיא ביידן כורע ברך לכבודה של רבקה רביץ החרדית המשלבת בין שתי קריירות חשובות: אם ל-12 ילדים, וראש הסגל היוצאת בבית הנשיא. רביץ עוד תמשיך להפליג רחוק. @YediotAhronot
— יוסי אליטוב Yossi Elituv (@yoelituv) July 2, 2021

"Finally, something that truly meets the definition of the sanctification of God," Yossi Elituv of Michpacha tweeted (as translated by Google). "President Biden kneels in honor of the ultra-Orthodox Rebecca Ravitz, who combines two important careers: a mother of 12 children, and the head of the outgoing staff at the President's House. Ravitz will continue to sail far."

The Israeli paper claimed on Friday that Biden "knelt in honor" after being told that Ravitz has had "no less than 12 children."

"The two presidents talked at length about the commitment to strengthen relations between the two countries," Kipa reported.

"My commitment to Israel is known and engraved in the rock," Biden said as reported by Kipa and translated by Google. "Includes an unquestionable commitment to Israel's self-defense. I can say that Iran will never receive nuclear weapons on my watch."

In 2015, Rivkah was praised by Orthodox Jєωιѕн papers after she refused to bow to the Pope because "she was halachically forbidden to bow to him because of the cross" and refused to shake his hand "because she is observant of halakha (Jєωιѕн law)," according to Israel National News.

The Pope reportedly responded by covering his cross with his hand and bowing to her.

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