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Alexander Dugin and the new political theory
« on: October 01, 2019, 12:52:12 PM »
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  • Alexander Dugin is the writer of "The fourth political theory", founder of Eurasianism, philosopher, political analyst and famous close advisor of the kremlin. He defends a new political system that is neither rigth nor left but unites all who are against liberalism and modernity, both sides of the political spectrum on a ʀɛʋօʟutιօn to destroy it, gathering the nationalism and traditionalism of the far right with the ʀɛʋօʟutιօnary spirit of the far left. He is a strong defender of tradition and local customs of each culture, I know his arguments are mostly not Catholic and he only strongly defends orthodox christianity as a cultural identity but I think he got it rigth on his criticism of modernism and liberalism. He is also very positive of Tɾυmρ and the european new right. I rather find him an interesting person a bit difficult to undertsnad due to his bad english but with very good and very bad ideas but in this crazy new world everyone who is against the system seems normal, I wonder if the people here have already read about him and what oppinion do they have on him.

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    Re: Alexander Dugin and the new political theory
    « Reply #1 on: October 01, 2019, 02:05:40 PM »
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  • Dugin is certainly worth a look, not least because he has become such a devil figure for the West's Establishment, which has branded him Putin's evil genius. Yet there is also much to be very, very cautious about. His enthusiasm for the Bolshevism of the Russian ʀɛʋօʟutιօnary years, for example, can in no way be brushed off as a mere eccentricity or a matter of concern only at the fringes.

    Most worrying of all is his enthusiasm for the so-called European New Right* and specifically for the thinking of Alain de Benoist. Benoist and his younger admirers—Stefan Molyneux is one and, more recently, an arriviste named Guillaume Durocher has been gaining visibility—are people who ought to be seen as vipers in the bosom of sacred and secular Tradition. Their writings make plain that what they seek is a fully godless, Jєωιѕн-engineered society—only without the Jews who now run it! This is hardly an ideal a Catholic ought to find laudable.
    *The European New Right as a whole has been aptly described by a commenter at the Occidental Observer as a movement whose members cannot quite decide which they loathe more: Europe's Jєωιѕн present or its Christian past.


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