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  1. Will Anti-Trump Forces Escalate to Maiden Square-Style Violence?
  2. Taylor Swift comes out against Blackburn - Blackburn up 14 pts in polls!
  3. Patrick J. Buchanans weekly columns
  4. The Left is trying to gaslight us
  5. Podcast: What the radical leftists Plan after the Mid-Term Elections
  6. Political humor
  7. U.S. embassy already relocating to Jerusalem! 58 dead, 2700 injured!
  8. Ocasio-Cortez: There's no debate that fossil fuel production should stop
  9. Australians - Following in the steps of Trump?
  10. Google "The Good Censor"
  11. Judaized Kosher Wrapped Illinois G.O.P. Goes Ballistic
  12. Kavanaugh confirmed!
  13. Is there a list?
  14. How long will crucifix remain
  15. Chaos is the Democrats strategy - they showed their hand - prepare!
  16. The years have NOT been kind to Christine Blasey-Ford
  17. 10 things Dems will take away if they win in November
  18. Trump @War Movie
  19. Brett Kavanaugh's Stunning Speech
  20. the recent Presidential Alert
  21. Did Dr. Ford commit perjury?
  22. Tom Fitton exposes the Soros Agenda
  23. BREAKING - DOJ Press Conference 9:30 AM EDT, Oct. 4, 2018
  24. Could Trump Take Down the American Empire?
  25. Anti-Kavanaugh protestors rip up pro-Kavanaugh signs - in Texas
  26. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and the CIA
  27. Kavanaugh testimony
  28. Sen. Jud. Committee on Kavanaugh - Press Releases
  29. Worldwide, we are very close to civil war thanks to SOROS.
  30. How Many Illegals Aliens Will Vote in the Midterms?
  31. Putin CRUSHES George Soros for all the World Leaders to See
  32. Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey-Ford works for abortion pill company
  33. Georgetown professor says white GOP senators deserve miserable deaths
  34. How The American Media Was Destroyed by Paul Craig Roberts
  35. Are you a registered voter?
  36. Gingrich: Texas offers blueprint for red wave in November
  37. Baal worship in DC for Supreme court confirmation
  38. Princess Alexandra of Hanover converts and is removed from the British line
  39. 2 men accept responsibility for Ford assault
  40. 22.1 Million Illegals Now Living in the U.S.
  41. No one's reputation is safe
  42. 11th Hour Slander Attempt on Kavanaugh
  43. Coming Soon: Deep State Unmasked - Project Veritas
  44. Democrats call for public harassment of Republican congressmen
  45. Sarah Louise Mulligan
  46. Why gun control doesn't work...
  47. Gateway Pundit/ Christine Blasey Ford worked for abortion pill manufacturer
  48. Another Fake Accusation against Kavanaugh
  49. Some encouraging news!
  50. Prez of Vietnam dies of unspecified virus