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  1. What they’re saying about the West in Russia right now
  2. John Bolton, What he is, A War Criminal with Terrorist Ties, Not Just Hawkish
  3. Patrick J. Buchanans weekly columns
  4. Judaized Kosher Wrapped Illinois G.O.P. Goes Ballistic
  5. Obama erases mass amount of fugitives from FBI database
  6. Clinton Charity Crime Syndicate Nexus of Everything
  7. Ayn Rand was a bad "Republican"
  8. Which history books should we believe?
  9. Liberals are loony tunes
  10. Trump calls out Maxine Waters for having low IQ .. LOL
  11. Write to Your Congresspersons: We Still Fund Planned Parenthood!
  12. my thoughts on just whatever
  13. McCabe Fired! Our once-noble nation not lost after all?
  14. Putin wins Russian election with 75% of the vote - real or rigged election?
  15. Why do people separate politics from religion (they shouldn't)
  16. Mark Levin was really good last night
  17. Why haven't Page and S been fired?
  18. Former FBI Kallstrom.. excellent interview (honest)
  19. CFR, conspiracy theory, Deep State go mainstream
  20. Did Trump have affair after married to Melania?
  21. Hannity v Ingraham
  22. Why is Rand Paul defying Trump (nominees)?
  23. I don't get this Buchanan statement (?)
  24. Putin Confronts Megyn Kelly
  25. "Too Reflexively Ornery": E.Michael Jones and "Culture Wars,"
  26. Family Seperation
  27. Landslide Win for Italian Candidate Who Promised to Defend White Race
  28. tariffs?
  30. Martyred for Defending the Poor
  31. The Jews were given Israel by God himself
  32. Why we should pray particularly for Paul Ryan
  33. rubics cube: Blacks are pro life but vote D???
  34. comments RE Trump.. (can't recall poster to whom i am responding though)
  35. What is the most disturbing thing going on in US?
  36. We cannot target all the "mentally ill" and take their guns
  37. Christian Middle East REfugees
  38. I have to correct what I said here
  39. liberals say Conservatives are mentally ill: voila' no rights 4 THEM! ha ha ha!
  40. volunteer work we must do
  41. It's a man's world.. Protestant one also...
  42. books that we must read
  43. Least annoying "celebrity"--one u most relate to
  44. evangelizing your politics
  45. Putin's Family Values
  46. The Protestant Candidate and the Blessed Mother
  47. Y you should watch Hannity
  48. Support for Israel?
  49. Hannity on FL school shootings
  50. not always true that crime does not pay