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  1. Facebook Shareholders Vote to Oust Mark Zuckerberg as Chairman
  2. French Senate votes to rebuild Notre Dame exactly as it was
  3. Nadler and Democrats feverishly wiping out mention of God
  4. White People and their Achievements Are Headed for the Trash Bin of History
  5. Great summary of Robert Mueller's recent announcement
  6. Lee Camp: 18 Ways Julian Assange Changed The World
  7. Bill Barr vs. Chris Wray: Full Scale War
  8. Once again, it's the Dems that are racist
  9. Pope Cries as Nationalism Wins in EU
  10. Big Win for Nigel Farages Brexit Party in EU Elections
  11. Interview of the former VP of HSBC
  12. Trump aggressively pushing Pro-Life
  13. Cry, our beloved America Sliding Down the Communitarian Slope
  14. Proof - behold a Democrat lies
  15. Is Obama planning to impeach Trump?
  16. SEC OK's MasterCard's Idea of Cutting Off Customers with Conservative Views
  17. Judicial Watch Weekly Updates for 3/29/19
  18. IQ scores are dropping in first-world nations
  19. President Bolsonaro Consecrates Brazil to Sacred Heart
  20. Why is Mueller still working at the DOJ?
  21. Hundreds Of "Black Vests" Migrants Seize Paris Airport Terminal: etc
  22. Alabama didn't ban all abortions.
  23. Rep. Doug Collins releases more transcripts of House Judiciary Committee
  24. What America Would Look Like If Hillary Clinton Won
  25. Conservatives are winning in USA and Australia
  26. Alabama Effectively Outlaws Abortion
  27. Gabbard Says She'd Drop All Charges Against Assange and Snowden
  28. Patriotic Parties Dominate EU Election Polls
  29. Lies the Left needs to stop telling
  30. Pandering to Israel Means War With Iran
  31. Venezuala
  32. A Good Cartoon in the NY Times
  33. DOJ Ukrainian investigation to bring down Joe Biden
  34. Rio Grande Valley-2019 Border Apprehensions Surpass all of 2018
  35. The Three Purposes of Russiagate
  36. Vladimir Putin on coddling Muslim Minorities
  37. Trump Dances to Israel's Tune
  38. Thoughts on Julian Assange?
  39. Being gay and public office
  40. CNN analyst said Obama's child separation policy was done for their protection
  41. America is no Longer a Nation
  42. Hannity - DS Coup vs. Trump exposed
  43. Western Culture has died a Politically Correct Death
  44. Italy Moves to Seize Their Gold Reserve From the Central Bank
  45. Buttigieg getting lots of attention
  46. Obama Ordered Trump Coup
  47. The Ukrainian Election: Poroshenki Loses
  48. Fantasy video for those who believe in Q and Trump
  49. Idolizing political candidates
  50. Mayor of South Bend, IN "comes out" as a Sodomite