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  1. I stand corrected (Gorsuch)
  2. God "slams" bad priests (and bad politicians?)-Ezekiel 34
  3. I don't buy it that there are not enough votes to do Repeal alone
  4. Why not just have people w/ catastrophic health problems go on Medicaid??
  5. most bizarre news story of the year--England is no longer a free country
  6. McConnell shd step down, doesnt want nuclear option to get rid of Obamacare?
  7. ...very strange, this health care debacle. But I trust Rand Paul
  8. US Lawmakers seek to outlaw support for Boycott Campaign against Israel
  9. Should secret societies be banned in the USA?
  10. Russia
  11. John McCain and the cancer of conflict
  12. General Keane: don't understand WH plan to dis-arm bad guys in Syria
  13. The Dark Side of America
  14. How can you change the world?
  15. GOP healthcare bill = bailouts for ins companies, according to Rand Paul
  16. Republican are just as evil
  17. LOL Trump blames Democrats for "fail" on new healthcare bill
  18. Walter Williams
  19. Australian woman killed by police
  20. Bastille Day will not be celebrated by true Catholics
  21. This healthcare debacle sure is dragging out
  22. Bezmenov-West Capitulated to Communist Subversion
  23. Why Trump can't improve relations with Russia-His Government and Media
  24. Why are the rich always separted from the poor in society? It is Segregation
  25. Spain's glorious pre-Vatican II constitution
  26. Trump: good speech in Poland
  27. often it seems both Democrats and Republicans miss the boat.. don't get "it"
  28. RE Trump and his "plastic surgery" comment against CNN personalities
  29. If we fight in other countries and win, we should take over...
  30. Demand (ask) McDonald's to have FOX News on their TVs
  31. Little Putsch that could beget a Great Big Coup
  32. Hurray again for President Trump
  33. Hurray for President Trump's Delegation to U.N.
  34. Are We Approaching the End Game?
  35. where do you get your news?
  36. The World is going down with Trump
  37. The "Soft Coup" Under Way in Washington
  38. A Way to Peace
  39. Alex Jones Exposed
  41. Oliver Stone went on Anti-Israel Rant on Colberts show that didn't air.
  42. social engineering in the Army
  43. Medjugorje, Croatian Franciscan Ustashi, massacre of Surmanci
  44. ship named after congressperson who is still alive?? HUH? pro-abortion!
  45. Democrats are despicable...
  46. Rand Paul: Saudi Arabia should not get weapons from USA
  47. Baseball shooting
  48. Remember Obama Clown at rodeo? got banned! But liberals don't get banned--
  49. Saudi Arabia is Destabilizing the World
  50. You people are getting on my nerves..