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  1. OCT 31 1793
  2. Kennedy Assassination Files Partially Released
  3. The Political Left wants to End Traditions
  4. Extra, extra!
  5. big DUH that seems 2b overlooked re Repeal O-care
  6. scripture that makes you laugh
  7. does being informed make u a better person?
  8. do you think JP II is a saint? Y not JP I??? Pius XII?
  9. NY mayor Bill de Blasio says he has long been a Red Sox fan
  10. Jimmy Carter: Russians Didn't Alter the Elections
  11. Fraud! 248 Counties have more voters than eligible citizens
  12. should government protect you from your stupidity? contracts
  13. Are novus ordo "canonizations" valid?
  14. can anyone explain the healthcare saga at this point in time?
  15. compare Trump to Reagan
  16. Does anything ever really change? i speak of DC
  17. Syria's Assad Destroys U.S. Reporter
  18. sspx article about Bannon and DACA
  19. Russian Church Leader warns EU on Immigration, Preserving Christian Culture
  20. The 5 Steps to World Domination
  21. thoughts on the end of DACA (kids brought to US illegally)
  22. How I got Fired!
  23. What reason does the Left have 2 hate Trump?
  24. getting rich by exploiting the poor (Ben Carson, where are you?)
  25. Russian Orthodox extremism on rise in Russia
  26. Arpaio pardon
  28. Angela Merkel and CDU projected to win 4th term
  29. Is Rand Paul unreasonable RE Cassidy-Graham (healthcare bill)???
  30. Why I am grateful for Bernie Sanders
  31. "The Chosen People" -- hilariously ridiculous
  32. Tom Fitton is my hero--doesn't want Hillary getting away with it
  33. DC investigations--spend MILLIONS of YOUR money--but go NOWHERE
  34. "Orthodox Catholic?"
  35. Trump re-tweets--LOL-- Hillary getting hit by golf ball
  36. Who impresses you in Congress? Anyone?
  37. what was primary reason Hillary lost?
  38. Elites Using Leftist Violence to Provoke Conservatives into Violence
  39. I say Never collude w/ the Democrats
  40. Iowa's King says Trump base is destroyed
  41. Deplorable American Values
  42. Voting Fraud Evidence Grows, Exposing the Lefts Lies
  43. Trump's Jews & Generals
  44. Was Maralago hit by Irma?
  45. should Comey have been fired?
  46. FINALLY! Juan Willimans says something I agree with!
  47. should the corporate tax be as low as 15%? how about non-corporate...?
  48. Antifa
  49. White nationalist rally turns deadly in Virginia
  50. The Assassination of President Kennedy