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  1. Christian Middle East REfugees
  2. I have to correct what I said here
  3. liberals say Conservatives are mentally ill: voila' no rights 4 THEM! ha ha ha!
  4. volunteer work we must do
  5. It's a man's world.. Protestant one also...
  6. books that we must read
  7. Least annoying "celebrity"--one u most relate to
  8. evangelizing your politics
  9. Putin's Family Values
  10. The Protestant Candidate and the Blessed Mother
  11. Y you should watch Hannity
  12. Support for Israel?
  13. Hannity on FL school shootings
  14. not always true that crime does not pay
  15. The Mueller Indictment
  16. Why Didn't Reagan Win in '76
  17. Wisconsin: Please Vote! for Trump-like Kevin Nicholson
  18. Why should we give a rip about DC corruption...?
  19. How The Deep State Stopped Better Relations with Russia
  20. Domestic Terrorism Bill Targets Patriots Groups and Citizen Militias
  21. maybe we should watch Hilton instead of Hannity?
  22. Ordo Militaris: Catholic Defence Force Organization
  23. Holocaust Denier Running for Congress!
  24. The FISA Memo Released-Audio & Links
  25. seems all Christians should like Trump
  26. what I have learned studying other cultures
  27. Congressman adam shiff prank called by russians offering naked trump photos.
  28. Trump fans will like this book.. gov tyranny of the little folk (Charles Murray)
  29. The life you save may be your own (re gov oppression)
  30. Believe it or Not
  31. Mummified Lenin Given a Bath
  32. Can no good man (like Trey Goudy) stay in Congress long?
  33. Officer Ryan Holets, State of the Union guest
  34. SOTU speech doesn't move Democrats (we're SHOCKED)
  35. Should US stay out (get out) of South Korea?
  36. flyover people unite! post here your complaints.. Deep state.. etc
  37. Israel will pay civilians $9,000 to capture African Migrants
  38. The Putin I know
  39. This speech got Trump elected
  40. Identity Politics Vs. White People: Who Will Win?
  41. United States is Morphing into a Lawless Society
  42. Ex-CIA Officer: Trump's War Against The Deep State
  43. Not sure I agree w Buchanon RE troops... Syria.. Kurds..
  44. A True Christian hates Corruption, fights it.. Alabama is corrupt
  45. dont like the new immigration bill
  47. Zionist Trump: US Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's Capital (12/06/2017)
  49. Russian Orthodox promote gov. funded large family financial support
  50. Trump meets Netanyahu in Davos