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  1. Romanov Memorial site
  2. More Palin Posturing for 2012
  3. Obama's gonna pay for my gas
  4. There's a Mason in the House of Representatives!
  5. Obama Takes On Chairmanship of UN Security Council
  6. Families will be fined $3800 per year if they don't get health insurance?
  7. George Washington became Catholic
  8. Obama to use budget maneuver to pass Health Reform
  9. ONE congressman tries to speak the truth -- gets pounded for it
  10. More evidence that Obama is the Antichrist?
  11. Republican hypocrisy: Assemblyman brags about affair on open mic
  12. Abusing School Kids with Pro-Obama Propaganda
  13. Political Quiz
  14. Voting
  15. White House just STAGED a town hall meeting!
  16. Think it couldn't happen in America?
  17. St Louis, King of France
  18. Witchcraft in the White House
  19. Rothschild's Choice: Barack Obama and the Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to M
  20. Obama Doesn't Protect Whites Right to Vote?
  21. Protest Etiquette (Malkin)
  22. White House Disables Email to Snitch on Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Oppon
  23. Health Care Reform Bill Would Allow Abortion Business in Public School Clin
  24. White House Blames Political Groups for Spam Emails on Health Care Bills
  25. Obama backs off public option insurance
  26. Democrats Will Likely Prevent Vote to Remove Abortion From Health Care
  27. New York Times Covers Up Abortion Funding in Health Care Bills
  28. Sarah Palin Defends Death Panels Statement on Health Care
  29. Catholic Bishops Tell Congress: Fix House Health Care Bill, it Funds Abort
  30. Obama Admin Used Pro-Abortion, Conspiracy Sites to Say Pro-Lifers
  31. Neocons with crosses..
  32. Walter Cronkite calls for New World Order/VIDEO
  33. Pro-Life Women's Group Mourns Passing of Eunice Kennedy Shriver
  34. Soldier refuses to deploy under foreign-born Obama - Army revokes order!
  35. Define Liberal and Conservative
  36. Senate Dems May Revoke Filibuster Against Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill
  37. A Storm Coming! Preparing for the coming persecution of Christians
  38. Republicans are not the answer when it comes to Abortion
  39. Obama: We are not a Christian nation -- Oh yeah?
  40. Obama's Healthcare Program in Layman's Terms
  41. Jesus tolds us who the antichrist was? VIDEO
  42. Obama Has Revived Hitler's Genocide 'Useless Eaters Program'.
  43. Obama's healthcare for seniors - kill yourself
  44. Obama plan for forced volunteer service
  45. Pedophile Protection.
  46. 7th century prophecy predicted Obama?
  47. Election of the greatest Con-Man in history
  48. Republicans are idiots
  49. Obama is just like Bush regarding Torture, detaining terrorism suspects
  50. NWO : Front for Cabalist Jewish Tyranny