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  1. Romney wins in Iowa
  2. North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, 69, has died
  3. Intellectual Bankruptcy on the Right
  4. Why is Obama history missing?
  5. Rick Perry Dances with Jewish Rabbis
  6. spoke to NJ Governor Christie today
  7. Britians embassy closed!
  8. Nancy Pelosi blasts Catholics who are against abortion
  9. Ideal Catholic state
  10. Mitt Romney unfurls
  11. Opinion shifting---a reaction to the incipient...
  12. Pun with obamas name
  13. america in decline
  14. Obama treating White House furnishings like a public housing resident
  15. Obama says he believes Jesus is Lord at "confusing" event
  16. Islamic Group Favors Abolishing Swiss Cross and Flag
  17. Mikhail Gorbachev: I should have abandoned the CP earlier.
  18. Jacqueline Kennedy on Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
  19. Jacqueline Kennedy on Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
  20. Memorable Reagan quotes
  21. President Barack Obamas Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation
  22. Why Obamas birth certificate is BS
  23. Republicans Against Science
  24. Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal
  25. Is the news media treating Ron Pauls presidential campaign unfairly?
  26. Glen Beck:Zionism necessary for Western Civilization
  27. Obama wants 1 percent tax on ALL Bank transactions
  28. Michelle Bachmann on Submission to Her Husband
  29. Cesspool
  30. Rumsfield to be sued over torture
  31. Republican party
  32. no default
  33. With Osama Dead, a 911 Memoir
  34. Cornyn seeks prepaid cell crackdown, cites terror
  35. Rick Perry Says Hes Fine With Gay Marriage in NY
  36. Governor Andrew Cuomo
  37. Republican Leadership Conference: Ron Paul winner.
  38. WI Senate Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding
  39. CNN New Hampshire Debate 8 ET, 7 CT
  40. Black Faux Contender (Ex Fed Bank Chair!) Challenges Obama
  41. Ron Paul-- Not for sale
  42. Rick Sanctorum
  43. "Obama Sells His Soul to AIPAC" (again)
  44. Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the revelation of the method.
  45. Immigration: Are Patriots Apostates?
  46. bin had...
  47. President Obamas Long Form Birth Certificate
  48. Illegal immigration
  49. The 911 Deception and the Death of Bin Laden
  50. The "Real Reason" Glenn Beck is leaving FOX