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  1. Voter Suppression
  2. Why America Was Never Great Again
  3. Alabamans should vote for Moore
  4. Alabama.. doesn’t mean Dems are OK for ‘18
  5. the dumb vote
  6. does Hannity ever think opposing views...
  7. Pres O hired mostly Socialists & homos (cabinet/czars)
  8. Tide is turning slowly but surely
  9. cake maker forced to do gay wedding cake? Sup Ct hears case
  10. Y it doesn't matter who is in office (at least in some situations)
  11. Trump speech Pensacola
  12. I dont think rich folks should be able to write off prop tax
  13. Government Documents with Clinton's Signature Proves US/Russian Uranium Deal
  14. It is hard for a rich man (or a politician?) to get to Heaven
  15. Gingrich.. there r insane liberals.. & then there is us
  16. Tucker was angry... why was I laughing?
  17. not surprised it wasn't called murder in Steinle case..
  18. This Roy Moore thing is disturbing, not just bc of his past
  19. Putin hails church state relations
  20. Vote National Party?
  21. Trump relaces 'Happy Holidays' with Merry Christmas on WH Christmas Cards
  22. Tide is turning a little faster
  23. who do you the Dems will dredge up for 2020?
  24. Poland prays Rosary at border.
  25. Women Governing??
  26. Trouble in Paradise
  27. Bitcoin "ought to be outlawed", says former chief economist of World Bank!
  28. Hellary blames Fox for not winning!
  29. no one should be homeless.. my thoughts on what to do
  30. Congress' favorite line: we have to get to the bottom of it
  31. know any good lawyer jokes?
  32. The Kushner Plan That Plopped
  33. illogical to condemn Moore but not Franken
  34. Frank Lutz is wrong, and insulting to most Republicans
  35. PC is killing the Church (& country)
  36. 99.9 percent of the Global Population lives in a country with a Central Bank
  37. They're not called Demoncrats for nothing
  38. unbelievable sentence 4 Bergdahl.. PTSD??
  39. Alt Right? Not Right!
  40. The Crisis of Democracy in Ireland
  41. George Soros pours $18 Billion for all out War into his Foundations
  42. Dr. Bruno Drweski, geopolitical analyst on Islamic-related questions
  43. Jeff Sessions Opens Probe Into Hillary Clinton, Uranium One
  44. Who is Creepiest Person of the Decade?
  45. House Tax Reform bill better than Senate version
  46. ha ha.. Hellary pontificates on Rs obstructing justice...
  48. There is one thing I appreciate about the Dems
  49. Schumer: being on terror list, still get Visa!
  50. what is the stupidest idea from DC? diversity lottery?