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  1. The Social Reign of JESUS CHRIST
  2. "Nuns" on bus in Philadelphia
  3. Trump Endorses Ryan!!
  4. Yes, the system is rigged
  5. Mainstream Media desperate to make Hillary look popular
  6. Disappointed Kasich Didnt Make It?
  7. Loving that Trump
  8. Irishman shows "6 Million Jews Killed" figure was used prior to WWII.
  9. Clinton pre-chosen?
  10. Is abortion ok if its ment to save mothers life?
  11. E. Michael Jones: "I love the Jews!"
  12. 1967 video reveals the shadow govt that controls all
  13. St. Thomas on tyrants
  14. "Why Voting for Donald Trump is a Morally Good Choice"
  15. Hillarypossessed or not?
  16. Hillary could stack the Supreme Court - attack the 2nd amendment
  17. John Hinckley Jr. being released Hmmmm!
  18. Dr. David Duke runs for U.S. Senate in Louisiana
  19. Clinton Cash - Official Movie
  20. Good thing we got rid of monarchy!
  21. Double standard - why do Clintons get 16 years in the White House?
  22. Hillarys 3 accomplishments from 8 years in the Senate
  23. Erdogan now has complete control of NUKES at Incirlik Airbase
  24. another Judaized "Catholic" politician
  25. Laura Ingrahm s infamous Speech for America
  27. Tim Kaine, "Catholic" pro-abortion, wants women priests.
  28. Trump Picks VP Mike Pence
  29. Life imitates art - Trump vs Hillary
  31. Can Moscow Save Europe........
  32. Hillary Clinton - the Harlot from the Book of Apocalypse?
  33. Russias Newest Law: No Evangelizing Outside of Church
  34. Russia Strips Dual-Nationals of Citizenship Jews Outraged
  35. Is Trump funding the Boston bombers?
  36. ivanka dumps lewendowski
  37. Mexicos Roe v. Wade FAILS! Mexico also rejects sodomite unions!
  38. Hillary bringing out the big guns - free College for all
  39. The Donald The LaRaza Judge
  40. Graham on Trump
  41. Rooting for LEAVE on Brexit vote
  42. Election Results in Austria are canceled
  43. Violence Fabricated to Manipulate Public Opinion
  44. Brexit vote live results
  45. Ridiculous - you have to vote Democrat in good times and bad?
  46. "Terror" Act Suspends Vote
  47. Republicans control both houses of Congress
  48. UK European Union Referendum
  49. Funny quotes about Politics!
  50. For whatever its worth