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  1. Question about Putin and the Crimea
  2. Does US-Israel "Special" Relationship Transcend Rule of Law?
  3. A National Summit to Reassess the US-Israel "Special Relationship"
  4. Putins real view of the Ukrainian mess
  5. Rauner is pro-abortion
  6. Is it moral to support a pro abortion Democrat if...
  7. Russia says we are Godless
  8. George Will going off on his libertarian nonsense yet again
  9. February 6, 1934: A Royalist Last Stand
  10. Kim Jong Uns executed uncle was eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs: report
  11. Our Masonic Constitution
  12. Governor of New York
  13. What could you do with 50K ?
  14. Obamas socialism illustrated
  15. Political Donors Diplomacy
  16. Ireland
  17. Harry Hopkins FDRs Red Commissars
  18. New party seeks euro exit and end to immigration
  19. The Duck Dynasty saga where star fired
  20. The Holy Rosary
  21. Reform Alliance (Ireland)
  22. Japan
  23. Bashir Writes a Letter
  24. Saudi Arabia asserts itself
  25. Pat Buchanan speaks good about Putin
  26. Would a Catholic be able to support such an amendment to the Constitution?
  27. Both parties are full of bologna!
  28. Icelanders Overthrow Govt After Banking Fraud - US Media Blackout
  29. New ties between Putin and the Vatican
  30. OBAMACARE --- or --- Obama Dont Care?
  31. Vatican Bombed
  32. Americans dropping their passports
  33. Minimum wage
  34. Medical Ethics Violations
  35. Good News From Texas
  36. A Different Perspective
  37. A Final Irony
  38. Blond Angel
  39. Hillary Clinton and a Heckler
  40. "The We Cant Win Wimps Caucus"
  41. US gov shut down
  42. Video - This group thinks Shutdown was Bushs fault
  43. Shutdown Question
  44. House Stenographer Yells About Freemasons. Drug off House Floor During Vote
  45. Government Shutdown signs miraculously ready in 8 hours
  46. Micheal Martin speaking to Bashir al Assad
  47. Turkish Military Murdered Christians
  48. NASA website is down - government shutdown
  49. Secret Service speak about past presidents
  50. Funny pic about the Shutdown