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  1. Shape Shifters
  2. GOP chief has meltdown
  3. Obama is clearly a Muslim
  4. How Government operates (funny!)
  5. End to Pat Buchanan
  6. McCain has bills to lock you up indefinately
  7. White House claims Obama is a Christian
  8. Obama-MKUltra and CIA connections
  9. Pro-life in Ole Miss
  10. NeoCon on the rise
  11. Powerful Logic in Arizona
  12. Thomas Jefferson
  13. Obamas health care takes a beating in Missouri
  14. Obamas End Game revealed
  15. Doubts of Obamas origins grow
  16. Obamas stimulus at work
  17. Let Them Eat Cake
  18. More from Wolf in Clothing Neocon Gingrich
  19. Obama bows again
  20. Obama picked 18 years ago!
  21. There goes the Tea party (yeah!)
  22. Were The Japanese warned about Fat Man and Little Boy?
  23. Atomic Bombing of Japan - A Catholics Perspective
  24. Liberals attack mentally handicapped children - media yawns
  25. Democracy In America
  26. Jim Traficant is right
  27. 2010The Police State's "Cardinal Rule": The Mundane Must Submit
  28. Senators Fear President will Grant Amnesty by Executive Order
  29. Pa. City Calls State of Emergency After Week's 4th Murder
  30. He's Barak Obama
  31. Im so mad!!
  32. While the Media non stop oil blowout coverage. The 10 stories not covered:
  33. Brownback-idol worship of USA and unCatholic thinking
  34. President of Spanish republican movement a freemason
  35. Psychiatrist to Israeli PM Netanyahu Commits Suicide
  36. Satan's Puppets
  37. Funeral of Mgr. Padovese
  38. the repeal of obamacare
  39. 'Israel bought the executive branch'
  40. Why Africa Has Gone To Hell
  41. Neturei Karta Condemns Israeli Attack on Flotilla
  42. Petain/Vichy France
  43. Peg Luksik
  44. Danny Ortega is actually right on something
  45. Prot writer-good points on voting lesser evils
  46. Glenn Beck Thread
  47. Guilty Verdict Handed Down by the Obama Columbia Jury
  48. Mexican Prez-ban guns in USA
  49. Laura Bush supports Kagan for High Court