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  1. You need to get involved
  2. Alert: Soros is now running the White House
  3. US House votes to defund Planned Parenthood
  4. French Election Hack: What we know so far...
  5. But I thought the liberals LIKED Russia?
  6. Not seen on Controlled Opposition Fox
  7. King Abdullah
  8. Why don't the Republicans just REPEAL (no replacement) of Obamacare?
  9. Obama Judge blocks Fed action against Sanctuary Cities
  10. A Government of Morons
  11. Prolife Democrats are not welcomed...
  12. I told you so - Trump is as bad as ANY OF THEM including Obama
  13. Julian Assange is Freaking out over what Trump did to him
  14. What grade do you give the Trump Admin?
  15. 'Kushner Coupe' Inside the Trump White House
  16. Why The Jews Loathe Le Pen
  17. Naming The US Elites
  18. Bomb found at Belfast School
  19. Early French exit polls: Marine Le Pen & Emmanuel Macron go to second round
  20. Damascus to Trump
  21. Dedicated to McCain - Trump - all the other warmongers
  22. Has Trump lost control of the Pentagon?
  23. VP Pense cast tie-breaking vote to reverse Obama's Rule on Planned Parenthood
  24. Donald Trump has been played like a violin
  25. Map shows that we live in 2 different Americas
  26. A World in Turmoil, Thank You Mr. Trump!
  27. Was the TV show "Sledge Hammer" making fun of conservatives?
  28. April 6, 1917 - US entered World War I
  29. The news people act like We the People are not important
  30. Why are Rs trying to push Gorsuch through?
  32. Who was behind the St. Petersburg bombing and what was the motive?
  33. A Nation of Walking Dead
  34. Thats Not Irish Nationalism!
  35. Why do Democrats Keep Lying and Obstructing?
  36. Y Can't we Just Pass a Straight 100% REPEAL (Obamacare)? Makes no sense
  37. "smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within"
  38. I hate politics
  39. This is not going to end well
  40. Thank you, President Trump
  41. Words w/ fatal consequences: Hobby Lobby was about abortion not b.control
  42. I Love how Trump is doing slashburn of gov agencies
  43. The Amazing President Duterte
  44. 10 Trillion Dollars missing from the Pentagon and know ones knows where it is at
  45. NSA & CIA Whistleblower says Trump was spied on
  46. Trump, JFK, and the Deep State
  47. Senator John McCain Exposed
  48. Anyone familiar with global structures....
  49. Our Hopelessly Dysfunctional Democracy
  50. Dutch anti-immigration candidate loses national elections