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  1. the repeal of obamacare
  2. 'Israel bought the executive branch'
  3. Why Africa Has Gone To Hell
  4. Neturei Karta Condemns Israeli Attack on Flotilla
  5. Petain/Vichy France
  6. Peg Luksik
  7. Danny Ortega is actually right on something
  8. Prot writer-good points on voting lesser evils
  9. Glenn Beck Thread
  10. Guilty Verdict Handed Down by the Obama Columbia Jury
  11. Mexican Prez-ban guns in USA
  12. Laura Bush supports Kagan for High Court
  13. Heir to Italian Throne a P2
  14. Arnold want to be President, Roscoe is right
  15. Is American model of Democracy completely incompatible with Catholicism?
  16. Goodbye, America!
  17. Destruction of Global Economy and Catholic Church
  18. Obama: Gas us without fear of nuke retaliation
  19. Dial M for Murder
  20. Obama going off the deep end
  21. Sarah Palin is an owl
  22. Kenyan Official Cites Obama's Place Of Birth‏
  23. KKK Rallies
  24. Confiscate all Catholic Ireland Property ?
  25. U.N. Calling for Prosecution of Bendedict XVI
  26. The Military knew Israel did 911
  27. Obama chose Hitler's day
  28. Rush accidentally tells more truth than usual.
  29. Do tell, Michelle...
  30. America's legal system
  31. 20 freedoms lost to obamacare
  32. Health care bill passed
  33. IRS needs 16,500 more employees to enforce Health Care
  34. Israel, Obama and the Doomsday Weapon. The Root Cause.
  35. Everything's going to be more expensive
  36. Government Health Care - what's in it
  37. How A German Soldier Still Loves His Dead Kaiser
  38. The Dark Face Of Jewish Nationalism
  39. Madrid strips Franco of honorary titles
  40. Ha!
  41. More Proof Palin/Tea Party is Neocon inside job
  43. Sarah Palin's Answers: Very Troubling
  44. I realize Bush and Obama are both puppets, but...
  45. Texas Thread
  46. Is Obama a complete fraud? No one at Columbia knew him
  47. Viktor Yanukovych
  48. John Medaille on Palin
  49. Police State in Action