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  1. DC investigations--spend MILLIONS of YOUR money--but go NOWHERE
  2. "Orthodox Catholic?"
  3. Trump re-tweets--LOL-- Hillary getting hit by golf ball
  4. Who impresses you in Congress? Anyone?
  5. what was primary reason Hillary lost?
  6. Elites Using Leftist Violence to Provoke Conservatives into Violence
  7. I say Never collude w/ the Democrats
  8. Iowa's King says Trump base is destroyed
  9. Deplorable American Values
  10. Voting Fraud Evidence Grows, Exposing the Lefts Lies
  11. Trump's Jews & Generals
  12. Was Maralago hit by Irma?
  13. should Comey have been fired?
  14. FINALLY! Juan Willimans says something I agree with!
  15. should the corporate tax be as low as 15%? how about non-corporate...?
  16. Antifa
  17. White nationalist rally turns deadly in Virginia
  18. The Assassination of President Kennedy
  19. Secret Militia Significantly Cuts Down Human Trafficking to Italy
  20. Hillary calls Trump "creep" in book, forgets husband's abuse of women
  21. FBI: "no interest" in going after gov-property-demolishing Hitlery Clinton
  22. I repent (vis a vis Zplease or whatever his name is)
  23. which one of these people should the governemnt help, which one not?
  24. Hillary Clinton Lost the Popular Vote
  25. U.S. Wars Have Killed 4 Million Muslims
  26. Catholics do not appear to be much different than non-C
  27. Anti Catholic North Jersey Mayor removes Lady of Guadalupe Shrine
  28. Time to call Trump an Independent? don't think so
  29. Voter Fraud, the untold Story
  30. AFGHANISTAN: Graveyard of Empires
  31. White House Petition against Antifa
  32. Pro Life March
  33. Memo Outlined Coup Attempt against US Government
  34. North Korea situation
  35. Vladimir The Great Sums Up Pope Francis The Fake!
  36. Fired FBI Director Comey Gets Paid Million of Dollars
  37. Sample of migrants brought into Europe and the U.S,
  38. New Sanctions Against Russia-Failure of U.S. Strategy
  39. Trump's Sampson Option
  40. Pat Buchanan and 9-11
  41. Trump restricts LEGAL immigration....OMG?
  42. who are your 3 favorite conservatives?
  43. Many threads written by yours truly--I'm talking to myself here
  44. 6 Key Questions about Russiagate
  45. PROOF people care more about wht people think than what God thinks
  46. Who is God's favorite politician in DC?
  47. Congress does not have to comply w/ Obamacare-hypocrites
  48. Donald Trump
  49. don't you find (not so pro-life) Ann Coulter a tad hypocritical?
  50. Would you vote for Trump again (2020)?