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  1. PC is killing the Church (& country)
  2. 99.9 percent of the Global Population lives in a country with a Central Bank
  3. They're not called Demoncrats for nothing
  4. unbelievable sentence 4 Bergdahl.. PTSD??
  5. Alt Right? Not Right!
  6. The Crisis of Democracy in Ireland
  7. George Soros pours $18 Billion for all out War into his Foundations
  8. Dr. Bruno Drweski, geopolitical analyst on Islamic-related questions
  9. Jeff Sessions Opens Probe Into Hillary Clinton, Uranium One
  10. Who is Creepiest Person of the Decade?
  11. House Tax Reform bill better than Senate version
  12. ha ha.. Hellary pontificates on Rs obstructing justice...
  14. There is one thing I appreciate about the Dems
  15. Schumer: being on terror list, still get Visa!
  16. what is the stupidest idea from DC? diversity lottery?
  17. 4.1% unemployment rate! 216,000 new jobs in.. Oct (I believe)
  18. Absolute Proof That Our Elections are Bought!
  19. Trey Gowdy to Investigate the Clintons and Russian Ties
  20. Special Counsel is against Constitution says Scalia, others
  21. do corporations get a better tax rate than small business?
  22. Is our country too corrupt to fix?
  23. It's a tax break for the rich!!!!!!! PLEASE!
  26. Former DNC Chair Brazile Admits DNC Rigged Election for Hillary
  27. OK, since I am talking to myself here...
  28. Mueller and Fake News Charges against Manafort
  29. Gingrich truly CARES about the poor
  30. Trump should fire all govt workers w/ complaints against them
  31. ICE
  32. OCT 31 1793
  33. Kennedy Assassination Files Partially Released
  34. The Political Left wants to End Traditions
  35. Extra, extra!
  36. big DUH that seems 2b overlooked re Repeal O-care
  37. scripture that makes you laugh
  38. does being informed make u a better person?
  39. do you think JP II is a saint? Y not JP I??? Pius XII?
  40. NY mayor Bill de Blasio says he has long been a Red Sox fan
  41. Jimmy Carter: Russians Didn't Alter the Elections
  42. Fraud! 248 Counties have more voters than eligible citizens
  43. should government protect you from your stupidity? contracts
  44. Are novus ordo "canonizations" valid?
  45. can anyone explain the healthcare saga at this point in time?
  46. compare Trump to Reagan
  47. Does anything ever really change? i speak of DC
  48. Syria's Assad Destroys U.S. Reporter
  49. sspx article about Bannon and DACA
  50. Russian Church Leader warns EU on Immigration, Preserving Christian Culture