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  1. Obama Admin Used Pro-Abortion, Conspiracy Sites to Say Pro-Lifers
  2. Neocons with crosses..
  3. Walter Cronkite calls for New World Order/VIDEO
  4. Pro-Life Women's Group Mourns Passing of Eunice Kennedy Shriver
  5. Soldier refuses to deploy under foreign-born Obama - Army revokes order!
  6. Define Liberal and Conservative
  7. Senate Dems May Revoke Filibuster Against Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill
  8. A Storm Coming! Preparing for the coming persecution of Christians
  9. Republicans are not the answer when it comes to Abortion
  10. Obama: We are not a Christian nation -- Oh yeah?
  11. Obama's Healthcare Program in Layman's Terms
  12. Jesus tolds us who the antichrist was? VIDEO
  13. Obama Has Revived Hitler's Genocide 'Useless Eaters Program'.
  14. Obama's healthcare for seniors - kill yourself
  15. Obama plan for forced volunteer service
  16. Pedophile Protection.
  17. 7th century prophecy predicted Obama?
  18. Election of the greatest Con-Man in history
  19. Republicans are idiots
  20. Obama is just like Bush regarding Torture, detaining terrorism suspects
  21. NWO : Front for Cabalist Jewish Tyranny
  22. Obama 100 days of change - 7 min video MUST SEE!
  23. HR 1966
  24. Comrade Obama update
  25. Obama/Clinton Position on Family
  26. Air Force One & NYC Scare
  27. Obama's Greenshirts
  28. You'll never believe this...
  29. Tax hikes planned - under guise of Climate Change
  30. Obama brainwashed black youth - 3 minute video - SCARY
  31. "Bad (Sun Myung) Moon Rising"
  32. Clinton praises Sanger, confused about Guadalupe
  33. obama at Notre Dame
  34. If true these videos are an eye opener!
  35. House apppoves "Youth Service"
  36. Obomba Prediction
  37. Obama says "don't stuff money in mattress" -- so that's what we should do!
  38. No Rogue Thinking Allowed
  39. G. Edward Griffin
  40. Obama's birth certificate
  41. Christopher Columbus
  42. Venezuela's Chavez says Obama has "stench" of Bush
  43. Obama, McCain -- same thing
  44. Obama will continue status-quo
  45. Drudge's Hunky Dictator Poll
  46. Obama's team planning for total Economic Collapse
  47. Canadian PM suspends parliament!
  48. Right-wingers, Neocons love Obama's cabinet!
  49. Obama has scammed us all
  50. Obama AND McCain created cabinet list -- together!