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  1. Netanyahu was member of nuclear weapons tech smuggling ring
  2. Patrick Little running for US Senate in California!
  3. Black Saints, White Demons: The Martyr-Cult of Stephen Lawrence
  4. Another Courageous Voice in the Wilderness!
  5. Democrats Scapegoat Russia for Historic Failure
  6. In the Land of Lies: Seeing, saying, and Pseudotopia, Part 2
  7. Emmanuel Macron: The Rothschild Agent
  8. Y didn't Bill Clinton get bin Laden when he COULD?
  9. Psychopathic, murderous, warmongering shill for Israel in his own words
  10. What I hate about Republicans
  11. Why Zionist Trump is bombing Syria
  12. Florida, please ditch Nelson and vote for Rick Scott
  13. Trump’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Is Freaky
  14. Tulsi Gabbard, the last Honest Liberal Democrat?
  15. I like John Bolton and he's not a warmonger. Please!
  16. John Bolton, What he is, A War Criminal with Terrorist Ties, Not Just Hawkish
  17. Republicans are the lesser of 2 evils
  18. This post is my Swan Song
  19. I would like to know where some posters get their news! sheez
  20. Lack of anti-war protests
  21. Social Reign of Jesus Our Lord and Savior
  22. Ayn Rand was a bad "Republican"
  23. Which history books should we believe?
  24. I think I may change my policies on liberals..
  25. Republican RINOS and Democrats Betray American Taxpayers with 1.3 Trillion
  26. Best thing to do with spare time (Catholics)
  27. I think I am giving up politics
  28. Democrats Want to Abolish ICE in 2020
  29. Daily Mass Readings (for the discouraged...)
  30. Truth about the Student Gun Control is Not as it seems!
  31. France, erstwhile eldest daughter of the Church, becoming little niece of Islam
  32. What they’re saying about the West in Russia right now
  33. Obama erases mass amount of fugitives from FBI database
  34. Clinton Charity Crime Syndicate Nexus of Everything
  35. Liberals are loony tunes
  36. Trump calls out Maxine Waters for having low IQ .. LOL
  37. Write to Your Congresspersons: We Still Fund Planned Parenthood!
  38. my thoughts on just whatever
  39. McCabe Fired! Our once-noble nation not lost after all?
  40. Putin wins Russian election with 75% of the vote - real or rigged election?
  41. Why do people separate politics from religion (they shouldn't)
  42. Mark Levin was really good last night
  43. Why haven't Page and S been fired?
  44. Former FBI Kallstrom.. excellent interview (honest)
  45. CFR, conspiracy theory, Deep State go mainstream
  46. Did Trump have affair after married to Melania?
  47. Hannity v Ingraham
  48. Why is Rand Paul defying Trump (nominees)?
  49. I don't get this Buchanan statement (?)
  50. Putin Confronts Megyn Kelly